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Sep 22, 2006 07:10 PM

Lost at THE ORCHARD- What do I get?

I visited the Orchard the other day due to the accolades on this site. Expensive does not even begin to describe it. I saw many different exotic fruits, but i was sort of lost. What do i purchase in there to truly justify the price?

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  1. I have to say that I think the Orchard is better saved for the middle of the winter, when good local fruit (such as can be had at the greenmarkets) is impossible to obtain and the generic California/Florida stuff in the supermarkets is depressing and just reminds you of all the energy resources it's using up to be flown thousands of miles and still taste of nothing much. It's then that you can appreciate stuff like great Israeli melons and juicy nectarines--and when you might feel so deprived that you don't mind paying the sometimes rather shocking prices. They usually have fantastic grapes, too.

    1. start tasting and see. They have special stuff like plums and extra-fragrant muscat grapes often - also sometimes special citrus (ortaniques in season, ex), special melons, etc. Strawberries and pineapple are often good, but not necessarily so much better as to be worth the price. Id skip most of the apples, pears, citrus etc as not sufficiently special especially with the local tree fruits coming in season now. Ask what they recommend and get a taste.

      Their cured fish (whitefish etc) is very good.

      1. i just paid three quid a bunch for some wonderful muscat grapes here in london - is that about what they go for at the orchard (ie about $6.75)? or as usual do we have the usual pound for dollar rip off going on?

        i must say that discovering lidgates in holland park (butcher) and mechanicou bros (fresh fruit and veg stall) right next door has dramatically improved my meals in london. heck, i pretty much only want to eat at home these days.