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Sep 22, 2006 06:14 PM

Good Dinner in St. Louis

I am looking for a nice restaurant (price no object) to take a client in St. Louis. I have had a couple of disappointing meals on the Hill and have heard that Tony's has long been in decline (I have not been there for a number of years). I also thought BarCelona was probably the worst imitation of tapas I have ever seen in my life. Any thoughts on promising young chefs or venues?

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  1. Terrene is a nice place with a famous chef and nice food, but it is noisy.

    Eleven Eleven Mississippi provides a good meal in a good atmosphere.

    Harvest has never disappointed and is a lovely place to dine.

    Ate at the Clark Street Grill for lunch, and I was impressed.

    If price is no object, the reviews of Busch's Grove have been good.

    1. I strongly second the suggestion of Harvest. Also, don't forget King Louie's. I still think Tony's is a very good bet.

      1. Harvest, 1111, and King Louie's as stated above are good bets. I would suggest Trattoria Marcella as well. If you are willing to try tapas again, Modesto on The Hill.

        1. I think Al's is a great place to entertain a client who appreciates "old school" fine dining.