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Sep 22, 2006 06:06 PM

Bombay Talkie- Parent Friendly?

Hello- my parents are coming for a visit next weekend. They are from upstate NY and complain about prices when down here but if my dad goes someplace "exciting" he has no qualms about the expense. I'm wondering about Bombay Talkie--it seems exciting but he won't like it if:
A. It's too loud (a little loud is alright)
B. We have to sit at a communal table (we like to sit alone)
C. If the food is bad

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. the restaurant is totally fine for parents. just make sure you sit in the upstairs dining room. there are no communal tables there and it's quieter. the food is pretty good!

    1. Thanks for the info about the upstairs dining room. Any must have dishes?

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        Just got back from dinner there. The lamb chops were the best!!!! Appetizers were okay, not as fresh as I've had in a 'real' Indian place.

        You could make a reservation and request a booth. I did see this long table upstairs where it could be 'communal' if it got busy.

        Hope you enjoy it!