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Sep 22, 2006 06:03 PM

404 message (broken link)

I got a 404 message from the "login now" link on Miriam Wolf's blog posting.

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  1. I get a 404 whenever I attempted to login to comment on any blog post on the blog. Then I clicked on the bug link, which brought me here, where I finally was able to register and post the bug. Very confusing.

    1. checking on that... thanks for the alert.

      1. I'm also getting the 404 when trying to check on a comment I left on the electric knife article that "myChow" lists for me. The link is there (as given below), but it doesn't actually get to the article anymore. And I cannot manage to bring up the article through the search box, so I don't know if it has simply disappeared and just lingers on in myChow.