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Sep 22, 2006 05:59 PM

Christopers' In Lancaster?


Has anyone tried the new Christophers' in Lancaster yet? Their $35 prix Fixe seems like a great deal.


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  1. I have some friends in Lancaster who went here regularly for quite awhile (not sure if they still do). My experiences there (one lunch, one dinner) left me with the impression that it was overpriced and that the chef thought a bit too highly of himself. One caveat -- I am vegetarian, and he shows very little creativity in that department.

    1. We ate there about a week ago and won't return. The food was just plain bad all around. There was one other table in the place on a thurs night and the food seemed haphazardly garnished and oversauced which still could not mask the fact that it was not fresh. From the way the chef blows his horn on the website and in the restaurant we expected far more creativity and decent least. With an all talk and no talent chef as the owner, I don't expect Christopher's will survive for long.

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        You may be a bit harsh, but I must also say I was not real thrilled. You are right that the chef likes to toot his horn. An associate of mine when discussing him with me said"he invented food, you know". There is a chance that this place can be good. I have yet to give up hope. But, they need to work at it. I fear they may have overextended themselves financaly with their move into town. There is some good food here. They really need to work on a concept for the upstairs lounge as well. It is is nice space with a good bar. The comment about pricing also rings true for me. They are charging top dollar for lancaster. They need to do better to command that price.

        He is not untalented, but needs to show that talent more. I do know there has been turnover in the kitchen, I think the cooks are not ready and the chef needs to be in the kitchen more his ownself

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          Well, it sounds like he's had plenty of time to 'work at it' -- I first went in 2002/3, and from the sounds of it, the experience certainly hasn't improved in 4/5 years... How is this place still open??