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A place I can have dinner while watching a movie in or near LA

Would any of you guys know where to have dinner while watching a movie. I know there's Cinespace but is there anywhere else. A cousin of mine told me about a place in San Francisco where you could have a pizza with a pitcher of beer & watch a movie. Thanks

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  1. They show movies at The Yard in Santa Monica, in an outdoor bar setting. They have a limited menu of sandwiches and the like, and a full bar. You should probably call ahead to cheack, because a couple of times I've been there the volume has been turned off and the movie just played in the background.

    It's on Lincoln at Santa Monica, behind Warszawa.

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      Are you sure it's called the Yard? Instead of just the patio area that's part of Warszawa?


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        Yes, it is the patio behind Warszawa and it is called the Yard. There is also a bar upstairs towards the back, with sofas and cushions etc.

    2. Don't know about San Francisco, but there is a old revival movie theatre in Oakland that's amazing. We went there about a year ago. Every night they show a double feature and you can lounge on old couches while drinking beer and eating really good pizza. Don't remember the name, but they had a great website and it should be easy to find on-line.
      In LA, the obvious choice are the Saturday night screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Check out Cinespia.org. The bad news is that they only have one or two nights left before the season ends.

      1. Rooftop at the Standard in downtown LA.

        1. Yes, it's called The Yard. Menu includes all that is offered at Warszawa, yum.

          Very rarely is the volume up on the movie, though.

          1. In old town Pasadena, in the square where Gordon Biersch and Il Fornaio are, they screen movies on the wall and there's some very nice tables and chairs for public seating. Plus many restaurants around to get food. Not sure what the schedule is.

            Also, more family and casual, Ikea in Burbank screens movies outside too, I think just in the summer.

            btw, in San Francisco, there's also Foreign Cinema, a good restaurant with indoor and courtyard seating; they project onto a wall in the courtyard. They show, you guessed it, foreign movies.

            1. Vitello's, the Italian joint in the 818 that Robert Blake made famous by forgetting his gun there at the exact moment that someone shot his wife to death outside, apparently does a movie night where they show Godfather, Goodfella's and other mobster flicks. There's eating, LOTS of drinking, and a movie.

              I haven't been, but thought it sounded like a pretty novel and entertaining time.

              Has anybody out there ever been?

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                I've heard the same thing, but to investigate would mean having to pay those absurd "we're famous and milking it" prices for the extremely mediocre food at Vitello's.

                If they get their prices back down to "normal red-sauce checkered-cloth-tables Italian restaurant", where I'm not paying $16.95 for an Italian sausage, half a pepper, half an onion and a cup of boiled penne, I'll consider it.

                (Disclaimer: I haven't been since about three months after the whole Robert Blake débâcle, and we've since moved further north in the Valley, so it's no longer our local Italian place.)

              2. Place in San Francisco is called Video Cafe,5700 Geary Blvd
                San Francisco, CA 94121. Kind of burger and sandwich place with formica tables and boothes and VHS and DVD's on large screen TV's.

                1. They screen movies at the cafe in the Burbank Fry's...

                  1. in the summer, they screen movies at one colorado in pasadena. you can sit on the patio at il fornaio and watch, but the food there has been inconsistent.