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Sep 22, 2006 05:56 PM

Brief Vancouver Trip Report

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from my first trip to Vancouver. Unfortunately, due to schedule conflicts and travelling coleagues I didn't have the opportunity to try all of the great suggestions I was provided by this board. I did get to try a few, and overall ate some really good food that isn't generally available here in South Central Pennsylvania.

I arrived last Saturday night, tired and hungry. I checked in to the Fairmont and walked around the block to see what I could find. I ended up in a little Ramen place just down from Joe Forte. It was my first time in a Ramen rest., so I got their combo special. A bowl of house special Ramen, shrimp gyoza and a salad. It wasn't the fanciest place, but the food really hit the spot, and was exactly what I needed after a long day of travelling.

The next morning I had a wonderful Latte at Caffe Artigianno. The guy I was travelling with is from Italy and compared it to the best he's had in Italy.

That night, we ended up at Hon's on Robson. Again, very casual, but crowded and I thought the food was pretty good. We had gyoza, chicken with lettuce wraps, and beef with lettuce wraps. I had never had lettuce wraps before and really enjoyed them.

Next night conference provided dinner at hotel, so we didn't eat out.

Next night we had a long day and were both starving. We tried to get into Guu with Garlic but it was a 40 minute wait. So we went a block or so down the street and ended up at an all-you-can-eat sushi place. I was very skeptical, but really enjoyed the food. I was surprised how vast the menu was and how quickly the served the food after ordering. The menu had sushi, sashimi, rolls, soups, spring rolls, bbq ribs, salads, noodle dishes, etc. IT was very extensive. The sushi was about as good as what I can get around here, but the meal was a good value and very satisfying.

The final night, I was by myself and able to get a seat at the bar at Guu With Garlic. This meal was the highlight of my trip. Never having been to a place like that I really wasn't sure what to expect or what to order. I started out with the first thing on the menu. A snapper sashimi dish. I really wish I had ended with this as it was probably one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. I was tempted to get a second order of it but wanted to try other things on the menu. Next I had a fried noodle dish with beef. This too was very tasty. Then I had what I can only describe as tuna tartar. Finally, I ended with Calamari which was also very good. This was definately the highlight of my trip, food wise. I really wish I had eaten there at least one or two other nights. I hope these types of Japanese Tapas restaurants make it out to the East Coast soon!

All in all it was a great trip to a great city. Nothing I ate really dissapointed. I look forward to going back to Vancouver someday to get some more of that Snapper Sushimi from Guu!


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  1. Glad you enjoyed GUU - it is by far a must when in Vancouver. Too bad you wasted a meal at all you can eat sushi - next time wait the 40 min as you will not be let down!

    If you enjoed Guu, then you will most likely enjoy thier 3rd location in Gas Town as well as Zakkushi & Gyoza King (all within walking distance of Guu)

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    1. re: JWh

      Yeah, after I went to Guu, I was really kicking myself for not waiting the night before. Its funny, the night we didn't get into Guu, we walked down to Gyoza King and tried to go there. They had a 30 minute wait. This was on a Tuesday night. I can't imagine how crowded these places must get on the weekends. I'm looking forward to returning to Vancouver as a vacation so I have more time and flexibility for eating. The conference I was there for ended up taking a lot more time than I had anticipated.

      Thanks again for the suggestions!...Shawn

    2. Isn't Vancouver a fantastic city!?! There are so many small mom and pop places that have selections from funky to fantastic. And you were in the part of the city where all that was within walking distance. Nothing wrong with breakfast at any of the Fairmont hotels either!

      I hope you had nice weather for walking!

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      1. re: rainey

        It is indeed a fantastic city. What is considered average by the people who live there far exceeds the food I have available in my area.

        Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. I arrived last Saturday afternoon around 4:00 and had nice weather that evening. Then it rained Sunday and Monday. Tuesday was nice. More rain on Wednesday, then I left early Thursday morning. Still had a great time though and can't wait to go back on vacation some day.

        Thanks Again!...Shawn

      2. Rain is probably god's little insurance policy for Vancouver. If it didn't rain there so much everyone would want to live there!

        I hope you'll have occasion to go back often. Hell! I hope I have occasion to go back soon!