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Best Pierogie (sp?) - Polish Dumpling - NYC

Hi everyone, I need to know the best place to get Pierogies (not sure on the spelling) in NYC. What can you tell me?
Thank you very much.

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  1. I like the pierogies at Teresa's, which has branches in the East Village (1st Av. between 6th and 7th Sts.) and Brooklyn Heights, but I'd be delighted to hear about a place that has better pierogies.

    1. The Ukranian place on 2nd avenue in the EV has amazing ones.

      1. Veselka...eaten at teresas and little poland and BOTH places were plates of slop. veselka has wonderful peierogies.

        1. I love the pierogies at the Ukranian Family Restaurant in the East Village. They have several varieties including potato and spinach.

          Veselka's pierogies were not impressive the one time I ordered them there.

          1. in manhattan, i like the boiled pierogies at little poland and the fried pierogies at b&h for a total caloric indulgence. i've tried veselka's pierogies a number of times and found them to be pretty bad. they manage to be soggy and hard at the same time, and the fillings are fairly flavorless.

            1. I had the Special Pierogies at Little Poland yesterday and liked them. They are rich and heavy, so be warned and consider getting a half order unless you're pretty hungry. They are filled with potato, some cheese, and a touch of sauerkraut, and a creamy sauce with scallion tips is put on top of them.

              The Ukranian East Village Restaurant (is that the one you're talking about, mashpee, in the Ukranian National Home building?) has fresh blueberry pierogies in season, and those are really nice, like dessert for dinner.

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              1. there is a litle place on 1st avenue off 9th st. I believe that makes homemade blueberry pierogis and sometimes plum ones in season--very good-this is a shop not a restaurant

                1. Stanley's - Metropolitan Avenue in Maspeth, Queens - mmm mmm good - not a restaurant, just sells pierogies

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                    LOVE Stanley's.....Always have a few packs in the freezer. Great variety, too.

                  2. This may be too far for you but if you are serious about pierogies, you will make the drive. We went to a wedding reception at a Polish restaurant on Long Island, close to Belmore, last December. AMAZING pierogies! Can't remember the name but a little detective work from someone more local to the area than I might be able to help you. They also had the best cream of mushroom soup I've ever had. Very cute polish waiter who went around table to table saying "You like peirogies? GOOD!"

                    1. I'm a Pole, and I've had pierogi (sorry, I can't add an S, it's already plural in Polish!) all over town. Hands down the best pierogi are at Cafe Relax in Greenpoint, on Newell St a few doors in from Nassau. Newell is the first block after McGuinness. For those more familiar with Williamsburg, Nassau is a continuation of Bedford, just after McCarren Park. All varieties are good, the cheese & potato, the sauerkraut and the meat, but my personal favorite are the cheese & potato (Russian pierogi). I ask for several orders to go (only half cooked) and keep them in the freezer and finish cooking at home, that is if they're not gone the next day!

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                        Does Cafe Relax have other items besides the pierogi that you can recommend?

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                          Hi Steve,
                          Not sure if this is too late a response. Cafe Relax also has excellent zurek/white borscht (when it's available), I love their nalesniki/pancakes with borowki/blueberries for something sweet. The potato pancakes can be excellent, or terrible, depending on who is in the kitchen...they serve them with either apple sauce, sour cream or with goulasz. My mother likes the golonka (which is a huge hunk of mystery meat slow cooked for hours, not for me, but it's supposedly delicious) and flaki/tripe...you can see my mother is a dangerous woman. I usually get a safe chicken or pork cutlet, and enjoy the delicious sides - miseria/cucumber salad in sour cream, the uncooked sauerkraut salad is fantastic, buraczki/beets. But beware of the mashed potatoes, they are on the heavy-as-rocks side, some people like that dense potatoe-y-ness, but I prefer something on the creamier side. If you're looking for bigos or golabki/stuffed cabbage, Cafe Relax is not the spot for you, the bigos is downright awful and the golabki are just OK.

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                            it's never too late. I'll keep this in the file for the next time I'm in NY. Thanks!

                      2. Basia's on Nassau Ave (Corner of Diamond St.) in Greenpoint has the best Pierogi I've ever had...or Cafe Relax. Ballulah is indeed correct.

                        1. Thanks for the tip, I picked up some Stanley's Pierogi on Friday. Mushroom and sauerkraut (which was perfectly cooked and tasting just like my family kapusta recipe)! Well worth the drive from Staten Island.
                          54-01 Metroploitan Ave
                          Ridgewood, NY 11385

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                            Question re: Stanley's:

                            Is this a sit-down place, or take-out only?


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                              Stanley's isn't a restaurant. They sell them fresh/frozen and you cook them at home.

                          2. In Astoria, Koliba is a Czech restaurant making some delicious pierogies. The fried are pretty terrific, but I tried the boiled this weekend (for a bit healthier a choice), and loved them.

                            1. streecha ukranian kitchen!
                              it's in a basement on E. 7th between bowery and 2nd ave, and they're only open fri-sun from 11-4. much like a church basement, absolutely no atmosphere, but awesome cheap food made by really nice grandmothers. get them with sour cream and onions. yum.

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                                It's actually between 2nd Av. and Cooper Square (the branch that's an extension of 3rd Av.).