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Sep 22, 2006 04:57 PM

Best Empanada in NYC

Hi everyone, I need to find the best Empanada place in NYC. Don Juan? Havana Pies? Ruben's? When you think empanada, authentic and delicious, what comes to mind?

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  1. The empanadas in my mind at Reubens are far overrated and over priced. I usually get mine in Queens.

    1. Queens is the place to go, and in my opinion Native Specialties (Northern BLVD and 83rd Street) makes an outstanding empanada (and they have been priced at $1 dollar for the 15 years I have been visiting).

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        The restaurant has expanded all the way into the former movie theatre next door. That's how good that place is.

      2. A couple days ago I decided to try Mama's Empanadas on Northern BLVD in Queens. I tried their chicken empanada which was dry and bland. I also tried a sweet empanada that made the trip worth it. It had fig, caramel and cheese in it, and it was delicious. Disclaimer: This was my first empanada so I don't really have a basis for comparison. I'll give Native Specialties a shot the next time I'm in the area.

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          There's this great empanada place in Corona, Queens - called Empanadas del Parque Cafe on 108th and Van Doren STreet.. wow.. amazing stuff... not very traditional fillings, but they are delicious just the same.. here's their website:

        2. I used to love Ruben's, but now that I'm working downtown and went back after a while they've taken a major nosedive.

          1. Sofritos on east 57th btwn 1st and sutton has really tasty empanadas with very flaky crust