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Sep 22, 2006 04:53 PM

Rhode Island/Providence cheap drinks/drink specials


Can anyone tell me a good place for Tuesday or Thursday drink specials -- or a place that always has reasonably priced drinks? I'm looking for a potentially regular gathering place for a group I'm in.


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  1. This topic was posted not too long ago, and I think the consensus was that RI doesn't allow special drink price promotions. As far as reasonably priced drinks, then it depends on what you're looking that the only criteria? If so, then any dive bar I'd say. From what I've seen (and I might be way off base) drink prices seem to be pretty consistent across the board, depending on what kind of place you're in (upscale, pricey drinks....downscale, less exp).

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      Yeah -- I posted that orginal post (I've got a small budget can you tell :)) But I guess my understanding was that "happy hour" was illegal but that you could still have drink specials, as long as they ran all night and not for a limited time ie: 4-6. So I'm still on a quest for good cheap drinks!

      1. re: RIEater

        Boy times have changed. (Way) Back in the day RI watering holes had things like "beat the clock" (prices during a specified period start really low and gradually go up) and the always popular "all you can drink" hour (one price gets you unlimited booze). Simply amazing, in retrospect.

        1. re: RIEater

          Like I said, drink prices are fairly consistent...if that's the only criteria, just choose a downscale place, not something trendy or an expensive restaurant. Some no-name bar on Smith Hill is going to be considerably cheaper than the bar at Capital Grill.

      2. Tuesdays used to be dollar Narragansett night at the Decatur (on the West Side). Unfortunately, the state of the world being what it is, the Gansetts are now $1.50 on Tuesdays at the Decatur. Still pretty cheap though.

        1. Like the others, I don't know about happy hours, but some of my favorite watering holes are Decatur, Nick-A-Nees, AS220, or Julian's. Depends on what type of atmosphere your group is looking for.