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Sep 22, 2006 04:29 PM

Danish (= hot dog lover) in search of best hot dog

I have a friend in town from Denmark. And (like many Danish) she looooves hot dogs.

So where is the best place to go?

Is it really Gray's Papaya? That all this board seemed be coming up with?

Thanks a ton

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  1. Oddly enough the best hot dog I've ever tried is Emborg's Spicy kind (they're Danish I believe.) If someone can tell me where to find them in the States, they'll be my hero.

    1. Yes, gray's papaya. Or coney island, it's more fun, but probably too late in the season...

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      1. re: prunefeet

        nathan's is open all year, and if your friend has an interest in seeing coney island in its strange depopulated state, i think it is a great trip and the hot dogs are fantastic, especially if you are bundled up enough to sit on a boardwalk bench and look out on the atlantic.

      2. try dash dogs on rivington between essex and norfolk. crif dogs (on st. mark's place bewteen 1st and a) is pretty tasty as well, though not as succulent as dash.

        1. Brooklyn diner on w 57th street serves a tremendous hot dog with onion rings on a platter. It is huge and cost is definitely double digits. But it's good...

          This article should help your quest:

          1. Do a hot dog tour of Manhattan. A good route would be to start at Katz's to try a classic grilled/griddled dog (and some pastrami) and walk it off on your way to Crif Dogs to get a deep fried dog. Then walk across 8th street to Gray's Papaya for a recession special.

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              second the katz dog- get one and then eat it while in line for pastrami. And at crif have it bacon-wrapped - one of my favorite gilded lilies, next to roast pork formed into a puck-shaped cake and browned in duck fat(at Lucques in LA).
              And Gray's can be a great place to witness true democracy in new york - everyone, regardless of social class, is equal on that line. and they're snappy. ask for well-done and don't forget to read the claims on those ridiculous signs.