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Sep 22, 2006 04:12 PM

Atlanta: Focus on Local/Organic Ingredients?

I am in search of a restaurant in the downtown area (within 10-15 minutes of downtown) where the chef focuses on the use of local and organic ingredients.

In my research so far, I have found Woodfire Grill, and that seems like a good spot. I am wondering if anyone has any other recommendations? All cuisine types are welcome suggestions.

I am also hoping (if possible) to keep things around $30-$40 per person including one or two beer or wine drinks per person, tax, and tip. Woodfire doesn't have any prices listed on their web site, probably b/c of the ever-changing menu. Does anyone know if I can get out of there within the above-listed price range?


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  1. The $40/person price range is a definite possibility at Woodfire Grill proper, but you'll have to order strategically and judiciously. Mains are in the $15-25 range, starters in the $8-12 range. Excellent selection of reasonably priced wines by the glass.

    The less formal and less-pricey Woodfire Grill Cafe is probably your best bet. Went there last Friday, and the two of us spent around $60 for a heirloom caprese salad, a pizzetta, a bowl of pasta, and two glasses of albarino.

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        was it hot as H*ll in the cafe ? I've been twice to go the cafe and opted for the dining room because it was 80 degrees in there.

      2. The budget's a little tight for Woodfire: last night we had two apps (squash soup and beet salad with feta), two mains (john dory and gnocchi), one glass of cava, one glass of gruner veltliner, two glasses of chardonnay, one large bottle of sparkling water, and one coffee (french press) for $113 (including tax, before tip). An amuse was included (peach pate wrapped in serrano ham, lovely).

        So if you skipped the bottled water (they're not snooty about it, we just like fizzy water) and coffee you'd bring it down a bit. The desserts are great, though, so I'd consider going over budget for them.

        Other places to consider in the area that use locally sourced ingredients include The Globe (the closest to your price point), Sotto Sotto (Italian, but makes a point of using local melon, etc.), Ecco, and Bacchanalia (well outside your budget, but worth it).

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          Isn't Mary Mac's organic ? Oh wait I am thinking of 'recycling' (bread baskets), not organics. Sorry.