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Sep 22, 2006 03:55 PM

Green Valley Ranch - Las Vegas

I'm staying there for a couple days in October.
Are any of the restaurants particularly good?
How is the buffet.

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  1. In addition to the restaurants in the casino, there are also a number of restaurants right outside the door in the District, a shopping area adjacent to the casino. In the casino, China Spice is good, and the Pancake House is good for breakfast if you get there early, before the line forms. In the District, the barbecue place, Lucille's, is okay; I'm not a big fan of either the King's Fish House or Kennedy's, the two more upscale restaurants, although Kennedy's is nice for a drink. Also in the District are some chain restaurants, including a PF Changs and a Cheesecake Factory. I think the food at China Spice is much better than at PF Changs, for about the same price.

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      1. My husband & I stayed at GVR 2 weeks ago.

        We had breakfast at The Pancake House & thought it was okay.
        The portions were huge, but that didn't make up for the quality.
        It wasn't the worst we've had however, but we wouldn't rush to go back.
        We think the best breakfast in Vegas is at Bouchon at The Venetian. We make sure that we get there every time we're in town.

        We had dinner at Kennedy's with a discount from some website. We were both impressed. We shared the Tuna App. It was quite tasty. Although, I did wish the tuna was seared to order. I had the Cod entree with clams & chorizo. Everything was cooked perfectly & seasoned spot on. My husband had the Lobster Pasta. It too was quite good. Cooked perfectly as well. They had some decent wines by the glass. Our dessert was satisfactory too. Our bill with with a $25 voucher was $130 including tip.

        We also had a late lunch at King's Fish House one afternoon. I had the Iceberg Lettuce Salad & topped it with crab meat as suggested by our server. It hit the spot. I'd been craving a similar salad. There house beer was wonderful. My husband's app, was lackluster. He had the Shrimp & Crab Cocktail. Not bad, but not exceptional. We'd go back & almost did the same night. Instead we ended up at The Grand Cafe as we were too exhausted to go any farther. It was not bad. Just what you would expect.

        That's about it. Enjoy!

        1. I believe they just opened a Melting Pot near that area somewhere if you like fondue. It wasn't open yet when I was there.