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Sep 22, 2006 03:37 PM

Kira Sushi - Greenwich CT

Went to try Kira sushi last night (i believe its about 6 months old or so) located at the old Maya of Japan location next to Greenwich Avenue. I sat at the bar which seat only about 6 or so and a good meal. I Ordered some toro, king salmon, red snapper and got two rolls. One was called the 'yellow roll'(this was a special) which consisted of yellowtail jalapeno and topped with more yellow tail, and a spicy salmon roll. Everything was good. The sushi pieces are huge. The rice underneath is normal size but the piece of fish is double the size of the rice. Its like having sashimi first and then the sushi. The spicy salmon roll was actually spicy which I enjoyed cause many places dont actually make it spicy. One draw back was that it is very expensive. The two rolls and 6 pieced of sushi cost me 80 dollars with tip. The sushi was good but not that good. If you dont care about cost though, this place had good sushi and would recommend it based on the quality and quantity of the fish.

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  1. I happen to LOVE Kira as well. we moved from westchester and were frequent diners at their first location in Armonk - where they also have a hibacci.

    1. Hey Karen, My opinion on Kira has changed a bit. Some days the Sushi is really good and some days it isnt. It is hard to get a read on the place, and because of that Ive started eating sushi exclusively at Toku Shin on US 1 next to Barcelona. Ive been about a dozen or so times since the new year and the sushi has been incredible every time. It really is no nonsense sushi. No overstuffed rolls with a bunch of different sauces where you dont taste the fish. For me, this is the best sushi in Greenwich.

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        I am pretty sure a lot of people in Greenwich hasn't notice but TokuShin went out of business and they closed the place down for some reason. I've been a regular at Kira in Armonk for the past 5 years and when they told me they finally opened in Greenwich, I was really excited and by far i still think its the best sushi restaurant in town for its price and not to mention the exceptional service and friendliness of the staffs there. Cheers!

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          TOKU SHIN CLOSED???? WHEN? I was there not too long ago...

      2. How does Kira compare to Kazu?

        1. I would agree with Alex318. I do enjoy Kira in Greenwich, but lately have certainly found the sushi inconsistent. It's never bad...just a real bummer when it's just not as good as it was the last time.

          1. hmmmm... I guess I'l try Toku - have you tried Asiana??? We like it there as well.