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Thai restaurant suggestions

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Please help, we are looking for a nice Thai restaurant with good atmosphere. Have previously dined at Bangkok Gardent and enjoyed it. Any suggestions?

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  1. I am not an authority on Thai food as it isn't my favourtie asian cuisine.

    I can tell you though, for intense flavours unique to thai food, we really enjoy Coco Rice at King and Bathurst as well as Friendly Thai on Queen West. Both offer great service, good prices and very fresh ingredients [at least].

    1. Though a little more casual than Bangkok Garden, I really enjoy the food and service at Real Thailand.


      1. when I used to work in the area, I really liked Bangkok Paradise on Queen East of Bathurst. Great spring rolls and pad thai, small and casual, but warm.

        1. i really really like salad king. the pataya chicken is amazing.. but everything else is really good too

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            Salad King is overrated. I have no idea how it got voted the best pad thai in Toronto. It's one of the worst.

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              salad king has great phud thai. i love that dish. also their bangkok noodles, spicy noodles. those are great dishes there and such a good price.
              the long line ups i think speak for itself. i think the food there is great for student/young professional eating. friendly atmosphere as well.

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                I also agree that it is completely overrated. Last time I ate there I ordered 3 chili cause I like to have a little spice in my food. When I got my meal there was zero spice to it at all. The food wasn't even that flavourful. I tried to get our servers attention so that I could get chilis to add to my dish and had no luck there. In all I found that the food lacked falvour and the service sucked so I will never go back.

                I am a fan of pi-tom's restaurant on Alexander. This is often where we do group outings for lunch.

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                  honestly, some restaurants have their bad days.. two diff ppl can go there and order the same thing, but one might not be made right, and the other might be amazing.. who knows.. its just ur luck

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                    Although I agree that some restaurants have bad days, I've given Salad King two good chances and was sorely disappointed both times with the pad thai and other dishes. Their recipe for pad thai just isn't chow-ish. I don't care about authentic, but I do care if it's tasty.

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                      Some dishes are bad at Salad King. Their Phad Thai is nowhere near the worst in the city, but anything with chicken (e.g. green curry) is terrible. BTW it is several notches below Bangkok Garden in terms of atmosphere (think student canteen).

                      I also enjoyed Pi-Tom's but it is still not classy as Bangkok Gardens was.

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                        i'm surprised by all the negative feedback Salad King is getting!
                        i personally like it a lot, but i can also say that i've never been to thailand. however almost everyone i know likes salad king. my department gets take out there 1-2x a week every week b/c the staff just loves the food there.
                        it's a great cheap dinner to just go to while downtown. the restuarant may not be upscale and classy but i've never heard of any negative feedback from anyone until now.
                        different strokes for different folks i guess

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                          I've never been to Thailand either (as an adult). I also don't care about atmosphere or decor (good value and decent service are more important). I just want good, tasty food. However, I realize taste is an individual experience. For instance, I hate cilantro. If you like something, chalenegirl, then you like it. It doesn't matter if others don't. However, for me, it's important to keep looking for "better" and not just stick to status quo.

              2. Salad King has gone a bit downhill since the reno, but it's still good. I like the family style eating.

                Bangkok Garden has been one of my favorites in the city - I love Thai food, and theirs made me swoon and feel like it was the first time I had ever eaten it.

                I know others will disagree with this choice, but Green Mango never fails me. Maybe it's all the memories of my broke, young self living downtown and finding so much comfort in their food. The first time my tongue ever felt the pleasures of cilantro and fish sauce. Go to the take-out location on the east side of Yonge Street.

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                  Isn't Bangkok Garden closed? Its website says it's temporarily closed.

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                    It's been "temporarily closed" for years.

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                      Interesting. Haven't been there since last Christmas, so it had to have closed after that time.

                2. "Thai House Cuisine" on Queen St. E, in the Beach OR "Sala Thai" on Eglinton Ave W, just east of the Allen! Both are awesome Thai food choices. You can dine in or get delivery for both ( depending if you live in the ordering area.) I think "Sala Thai" has the best Pad Thai in the city, and that "Thai House Cuisine" has the best Glass Noodles, Cold Rolls, and Sweet and Sour soup! Let me know if you try one of these out! : )

                  1. Just Thai, a few places up from Maitland on Church is by far the best Thai place I have ever been to, great atmosphere too! Everyone I take there raves about it afterwards :)

                    1. Try Flip Toss & Thai Kitchen, on Harbord just weat of Spadina. Fresh ingredients, excellent preparation, flexible heat levels, gracious service, and reasonable prices.

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                        I also vote for Flip, Toss and Thai on Harbord. Finally tried them on Friday -- flavourful chicken lemongrass soup, decent spicy eggplant, rice, and pretty good Pad Thai with perfectly-cooked shrimp, all for only $20. I suggest sticking to 1-2 chiles out of 5 for added heat - the "3 chiles" on spicy eggplant was a bit overpowering. Got "2 chiles" for Pad Thai which was just right.

                        Overall, FTT isn't perfect, but they are a heck of a lot better than Salad King. Unfortunately, there are only 3 small tables and some stools by the window, so the atmosphere is abysmal at FTT.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          Went back to Flip Toss & Thai last Sunday night around 9:25 pm. They were closing, and were very apologetic about us not being able to dine in. However, the night was balmy and we ate at the picnic bench just outside, which caused another flurry of apologies as the staff closed up and left. It was really quite endearing! (However, the published closing time is 10 pm)

                          Thai basil noodles (with "1 chile") were spicier than expected though very tasty. Mango chicken on rice was terrible -- starchy chicken coated in jam. Way too sweet!

                      2. Where are you located? There are Thai restos in just about every neighbourhood in the City.

                        If you want takeout, try Thai Jasmine at Jarvis and Carlton.

                        1. Real Thailand is really good. I believe the owners are Thai.

                          1. My pet peeve, aside from awful pad thai, is curry with only one or two vegetables included in it...the cardinal sin is the inclusion of cheap "filler" veggies like green pepper and carrot. Many, many places listed above commit both deadly sins.

                            My hands-down favourite for Thai is Vanipha Lanna, on Eglinton. They will happily kick the spice up or down as per your request, their appetizers are gorgeous (they supply their spring rolls to most of the larger restaurants and caterers in town) and the emerald curry has no less than 7 different vegetables contained in it - multi-coloured peppers, bamboo shoots, various types of mushrooms, baby corn, eggplant, peas, all garnished with red onion, cilantro, kaffir lime leaves and fresh basil! An additional plus: their sticky rice is perfection. Awesome, awesome Thai.

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                              I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one bothered by "filler" veggies some Thai restaurants use. I've been to Thailand a few times and am typically quite dissappointed with Thai food in Canada no matter where I go. My biggest peeve is the use of green peas as a substitute for Thai Eggplant or Baby Thai Eggplant. Peas are a sad sad substitute for "makua puong" and it ruins it for me.

                              Another sad substitute is ketchup for tamarind sauce in pad thai. Hello people, Thai cooking never has ketchup in it.

                              Anyway, people who think Salad King is a great Thai restaurant have never been to Thailand and have no idea what they are missing.

                              I'm eager to try Canipha Lanna and Real Thailand.

                              As for the comments that many Thai restaurants are "Canadianized," I couldn't agree more. As with many "Japanese" restaurants in town, they are probably owned by either Chinese or Koreans with no motivation to be authentic when the hungry masses can't tell the difference.

                            2. I've lived in Bangkok so I'm picky. On the advice of a Thai friend I tried Real Thailand and found it very good. She says it's the only Thai restaurant in Toronto that reminds her of home.

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                                I totally agree with Amanda about Vanipha. However the Eglinton location has been closed now for a couple years. They are now located at St. Clair and Oakwood. Still worth the drive for the best Thai food by far in the city.

                                1. re: robb

                                  Agree about Vanipha.

                                  However, I'll tout Flip Toss & Thai Kitchen again. Delicious preparations. I think it gets bypassed because of its location: Harbord Street is a little off the beaten track, though both Splendido and 93 Harbord are culinary gems (but that's another thread).

                                  I must try Real Thailand. I find too many Thai establishements here try to Candianize their dishes in terms of preparation and seasoning, and don't uphold essential standards of freshness re ingredients (Frozen Hamburger Patty Syndrome).

                              2. We've had some good experiences recently with Buppa Thai at Queen/Jarvis. It's no Bangkok Garden, atmosphere wise, but the coconut chicken soup, pad thai, and several other dishes were really good.

                                1. I've never been to Vanipha on Eglinton, but the one on Dundas was *terrible*.
                                  The problem with Thai food here is simple - there are no almost no Thai customers, unlike almost every other cuisine in the GTA. That's why you can get a pho here that's almost as good as you get in Saigon.
                                  (FWIW - Real 'pad thai' has 'chi po', a crunchy pickled turnip that completely makes it. I don't think any restaurants here are sourcing that ingredient, but I could be wrong...)

                                  1. It's by no means a fancy joint, but I really like the people and the food at Sue's Thai/Vicky's Fish and Chips on Roncesvalles at Howard Park. It's more of a takeout place but has a few tables and a small. If you're inside you should be prepared for the smell of the deep fryer.

                                    My favourites:

                                    Pad See IL (always spelled differently but my favourite Thai dish)
                                    Red Curry with Fish
                                    Shrimp rolls

                                    The menu is pretty extensive, with new stuff added on barely legible signs all the time.

                                    The owner is very nice and it's not expensive.

                                    1. There is a decent Thai restaurant called Mong-Kut Thai on Danforth just west of Pape. (almost directly across from Sun Valley). Here is the website: http://www.mongkutthai.com/

                                      1. Sorn Thai - Yonge at Briar Hill (a few blocks north of Eglinton). Outstanding quality - of the best Thai food in the city, excellent value and a very cheerful atmosphere. If you love Thai food, definitely worth going out of your way for this place. I agree that lots of the other restos mentioned on this thread are overrated. Hard to find great Thai in Toronto - this is one place you can.


                                        1. I went to Real Thailand once-never again. They served me EXTREMELY underipe mango salad, and I found the ingredients lacked in the freshness department.

                                          Thai Basil (on Bloor just west of Real Thailand) is much better-their green curry chicken is nice and the prices are reasonable.

                                          But like others who have posted here, my vote ultimately goes for Flip Toss and Thai on Harbord. Their prices are very reasonable, and the owners provide courteous, prompt and professional service. Plus they are the sweetest people ever! I've had better Thai food, but the quality is still excellent (relative to the price), and the ingredients are always fresh.

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                                            I tried Real Thailand after reading about it on this thread. Green mango salad had no flavour/spice. Pad thai was literally inedible - we took 3 bites and threw the rest in the garbage. Coconut chicken soup was okay, though a bit on the sweet side. I haven't been there in over a year but when I last tried Coco Rice, I found it to be the best (no doubt because it's one of the few Thai restaurants that's owned and cheffed by Thais). I also love Vanipha Lana. I'm really curious to try Flip, Toss & Thai - I've walked past it a million times but had been previously put off by the cute name. It's next on my list.

                                          2. Coco Rice is awesome - eat there once a week for sure. Surprise item is how great the wonton soup is! All their soups are great in fact. Love the thai bbq beef as well.

                                            1. Any up-to-date opinions on what to order or avoid at Golden Thai? I'm being taken there for an early dinner on Friday by an eager-to-impress date.

                                              1. I've always had great experience and food at 'Thai Chef Cuisine'located on Roncesvalles at Howard Park. The food is always fresh and flavourful, I've had some of the best tasting curry pad thai here and the springrolls are always light and crispy, never too greasy. The atmosphere is also quite pleasant with very friendly service.

                                                Also, if you have the chance, their weekday lunch menu is excellent and very well priced for the generous portions given.

                                                1. So surprised at all the kudos for Coco Rice. Ended up there for lunch last week and I thought it was the worst. Basil noodles were completley tasteless. Tom Kha - Coconut Soup was sickly sweet. I agree with Real Thailand.
                                                  Some others that haven't been mentioned:
                                                  Bua Thai - Avenue and Davenport - so yummy - with different items than you find everywhere else like Pineapple Mint Salad, Mango Curry and Glass Noodle Pad Thai
                                                  Thai Green Mango - Bloor and Dufferin - not the chain - a new restaurant that opened in the last few months. Cheap and good. Their food smells like Thailand.