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Sep 22, 2006 03:25 PM

Little Owl wait times?

Anyone have a sense of how long wait times are for Little Owl? Say, a weekday at 8:00 or 8:30 or so?

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  1. Definitely reserve a table. I tried to go last night at 8:00 and the wait was 2 hours because they overbooked. I did have a reservation at 10:30 but plans changed and my friend and I decided to try standby and the best they could do was 10PM..but needless to say we cancelled and went elsewhere.

    1. I'd call at least a week in advance (if not 2) for a prime time like 8 or 8:30, even on a weekday. Also note that their max reservation is 6, last time I checked.

      It's worth it!

      1. You must reserve here - it is a very small restaurant (even by NY standards). Call for reservations for a Friday/Sat night at least 1 month ahead of time, which is what I just did, got a table for 2 at 9:30 pm last weekend and ended up sitting down at...............11 pm! They did apoligize for this, but I think either they need to take less reservations or gently ask people to finish up (at 9:30, the table we were waiting for were receivind desert, so the party of 2 took 1.5 hours to eat desert).
        PS - the food's great.

        1. I was thinking of checking this place out tomorrow (Friday). If we (there will be two of us) get there really early, say 5:45, do you think we have a chance of getting a table or at least snagging seats at the bar? Or is it hopeless? Thanks, Sarah

          1. I just made a reservation there for january - when I spoke to them they told me that they have a few tables for parties of 2 for walkins - so you should be fine if you go that early.