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Where to get an Arnold Palmer drink in the Bay Area?

I've been wanting to try an Arnold Palmer drink for the longest time. It's half lemonade and half iced tea. Anyone seen it on the menu or know where to get a good version?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. NY Pie in Santa Rosa, per my last visit.

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      The best Arnold Palmer I have had is not at a restaurant but in a can. Arizona Ice Tea sells a canned Arnold Palmer, It's actually a "lite". It has pictures of Arnold Palmer all over the can. I get it at Nob Hill Market. I have tried several at different restauran's and found none as good as this. They also carry an Arnold Palmer in a larger 1/2 gal milk size container but it's not as good. The can sell's for .99 and I think it's 20 oz.

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        The problem with Arizona Iced Tea is that they are mostly high-fructose corn syrup.

    2. This is a very hard drink to mess up. Try asking for half lemonade, half iced tea at any place serving both. I do so all the time and have never encountered a problem...

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        That would have been exactly my answer. For a truly great one, go to the Four Seasons. They even have lemonade and iced tea ice cubes.

      2. I believe it is on the menu at Hard Knox on Third St (Dogpatch) in SF.

        1. Almost every resturant that i have been to that has has fresh lemonade knows what an Arnold Palmer is and will make it for you, but it seems like it won't ever be on the menu.
          Places i have gotten one in the last 6-8 months:
          Delfina Pizzeria
          Chenery Park
          Park Chow
          Cafe for all Seasons
          Nordstom's Cafe
          Market Bar

          and there have been other's but i can't really remember right now.

          Here is the problem with Arnold Palmers:
          If a place makes it's own lemonade, well, they are proud of that lemonade and asking them to mix it with iced tea, they can't seem to wrap their heads around that. so almost ALWAYS the ratio of half iced tea to half lemonade fails. they will fill the glass with ice and pour in half the lemonade and then add like a splash of iced tea on top so it just looks like dirty lemonade.
          I think the ratio has to be more like 3 to 1 in the iced tea's favor....

          that is my two cents.

          Have a good day

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            I agree, the lemonade flavors the ice tea, not the other way around. Also, good APs should be served in a mason jar and are best enjoyed on a shady porch.

          2. I have had one at Bix in the city, and it was done perfectly.

            1. The Grove on Filmore has one on the menu, very tasty, although I'm not sure if they make their own lemonade.

              1. Palomino also has them. Their iced tea is peach-flavored, though; I've never had the Arnold Palmer.

                1. You can get a very tasty A.P. at Out The Door in the Ferry Buiding. Chrysanthemum tea and lemonade with a slice of lemon and a slice of lime too. Not on the menu, but just ask for it, and they do a good job.

                  1. There's no need to wait for this to show up on the menu. Just about any waitperson will know what it is and whether you can have one there. But don't bother if they use Minute Maid fountain lemonade. Yech.

                    1. i had a delicious A.P. at Dolores Park Cafe not too long ago. not too lemony, just the right amount of tea.

                      1. As mentioned, you can pretty much get an Arnold Palmer at any decent restaurant or cafe that has both...but beware it's not fresh. I've had awful ones at full bars or places you'd except something decent.

                        BTW, if you go to Trader Joe's, you can buy both drink, non-frozen, off the shelf ready to pour and mix your own.

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                          Trader Joes also sells Arnold Palmers pre-mixed. However, I find the mixture too sweet. Mixing it yourself is a better idea.

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                            Exactly. TJ's lemonade is too sweet...but mixed w/ Tejava at about 1/2-1/2 over ice is a pretty good AP.

                        2. Paragon makes a very good Arnold Palmer. You may also want to try the "Tiger Woods" - its like an Arnold Palmer, but better -with a splash of cranberry juice (alluding to Tiger's favorite red shirts worn on Sundays)!

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                            Or try a John Daly, that's an Arnold Palmer with vodka. Mmmmmmmm on a hot day.

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                              Think I'll stick to the Champagne Tony Lema cocktail.

                            2. Any of the Max's Restaurants (Opera Plaza, Stanford). They are huge and made with brewed tea.

                              1. Zuni will make you a good one.

                                1. I was just reading about how La Pizzeria in Campbell serves them.


                                  1. Why is this drink called an Arnold Palmer? Was it his favorite libation after beating out Nicklaus?

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                                      I think he asked for it at a place that named it after him. I doubt he was the first to try to drink it...but it became his drink. If he wasn't famous, probably would have never happened.

                                      Imagine if James Joyce asked for an Irish coffee before it was called an Irish coffee...they might have named it after him or not.

                                      That's my guess.

                                    2. For a chain (please don't throw things), I adore the Arnold Palmer at Cheesecake Factory. A sugar rim, fresh squeezed lemons...it's divine.

                                      1. Tangentially, according to wikipedia (i.e., take this with a shakerful of salt) Arnold Palmer also had a favorite sandwich he called the Saturday -- a PBJ in which one slice of bread was toasted wheat bread and the other was refrigerated potato bread.

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                                          Man, that's an odd combo...the AP drink w/ the Sat. sandwich. Mangled palette or just really eccentric.

                                        2. I got a strawberry arnold palmer (strawberry lemonade and iced tea) at California Pizza Kitchen that was like nirvana. Of course, this could have been because I had been tromping around Westwood (la) in 80 degree heat for like 3 hours. FWIW.

                                          1. My fave premade one is Nantucket Nectar's Squeezed Nectar "Half and Half"-

                                            Not too sweet- pretty good, comes in a glass bottle. Andronico's has every NN but that one usually, but Molly Stone's, Whole Foods usually have them, plus your random shops. This is better than the Arizona I think.

                                            For a REAL one, and this is harder to find, I like the Lemonade Ice Tea from Vietnamese restaurants- usually some yummy jasmine tea mixed with fresh limeade, but this is somewhat rare. This cannot be beat. Problem is it usually doesn't get cold enough, they add the hot tea to a glass of ice. A place in Mountain View jsut off Castro has them, but the one I had had way too much sugar. I haven't quite found a great one around here yet.

                                            1. I've had a good one at the Bette's To Go place next to Bette's Oceanview Diner on fourth St. in Berkeley.