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Sep 22, 2006 03:03 PM

Food Safety Issues

Why were the posting on e-coli in bagged spinach removed? I was curious to see how other chowhounds were dealing with the removal of this staple from the domestic marketplace? What are you using instead? What's happening to the prices of other greens? Are Midwest and East Coast hounds less impacted because local growers are picking up the slack from California (where the tainted greens were grown)?
Is there a reason this topic appears to be taboo?

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  1. Chowhound is focused on finding deliciousness. Bigger issues, like health warnings are outside that focus.

    There are lots of channels that authorities use to ensure that appropriate, accurate information is making its way to the public. We haven't the resources to ensure that any information or speculation presented here is accurate, so we stay away from the discussion.

    Some narrow questions that fit within Chowhound's scope might be permitted - for example, 'Since I can't use my usual bagged spinach, what can I substitute in this recipe...' on Home Cooking. But if they turn into a discussion about the health warnings, they may also be removed. If you'd like to find out whether we'd allow a specific question, please email before posting.

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      I believe, if that is the case for CH, then the 'News' part of 'Food Media and News' should be deleted. If someone comes here to search for current news on something as important as the e coli issue, it would make sense that one would look towards the board that claims to contain 'Food News'. That can be very confusing.