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Sep 22, 2006 02:44 PM

Chicken Soup

It does not get simpler than this time-honored dish, but a recent dining experience in a restaurant famous for its chicken soup had me thinking.

What set this soup I tried at a Mexican retaurant in Escondido, Calif. apart was the addition of mint in the soup {as well as avocado , lime, cilantro, and onion}. It sounds weird and so simple, but this extremely subtle undertone to the soup was really delicious and haunting (it complemented the soup wonderfully).

So are there any secrets out there amongst chowhounds when they are making chicken soup?

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  1. Cilantro has work for me in the past as a sharp yet subtle undertone... But mint wow I must try this!


    1. Try a little tarragon in the soup. Not too much so it doesn't overpower the soup, but adds a nice twist.

      1. curry powder is delicious, you only need a pinch tho

        1. I think any fresh herb right from the garden added on top to be stirred in is key. Certainly from a European perspective flat leaf parsley is "it", but at this time of year when I am at the end of fresh herbs (So Cal still has basil & mint in the yard) I just play. My mint is getting frost-bite so it is getting alot of play in everything. Another way to "play" is to grind just a touch of something fresh like a peppercorn blend, or even nutmeg. Soup is SUCH a cool vehicle.

          1. fresh squeezed lemon! now, I cannot eat chix soup without it.
            for a country style twist, i've had chix soup with small cut parsnips and a hint of cinnamon. wonderful!