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Sep 22, 2006 02:27 PM

What is good at spice on 10th and university?

don't know what to order.

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  1. I love their tandoori shrimp. Basically everything there is of decent quality. Also love their saag (spinach) dishes.

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    1. re: Liquid Sky

      ... though it isn't exactly spinach season right now ...

    2. I think Liquid Sky is thinking of Cafe Spice. Spice is a thai place.

      I like the red curry there although it's nothing too special. Also popular are the black noodles. Pad thai is average--again nothing unusual.

      The little vegetable dumplings are great because the plum sauce is really sweet and tasty. They're an excellent vehicle for the sauce.

      1. I love Spice! Their lunch deal is great--I usually get the shrimp fritters and then the garlic and vegatables with chicken. I have also had their volcanic chicken which was yummy and their ceasar salad which is great. Their pad tai is nothing special and I didn't care for thier spring rolls. If you like spicy food, my boyfriend loves the hot, sweet basil dish. Enjoy!

        1. The shrimp fritters are is the roast chicken.

          1. I went to this place once the winter before last, I think it was. I was underwhelmed by whatever I ordered. Competent, decent, but that was about it. Maybe I missed my chance?