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Sep 22, 2006 02:19 PM

Does Rol San have carts or just menus?

The family wants dim sum this weekend, and I'd like to try Rol San based on the good things on this board, but dad's a bit of a dim sum snob. He'll want the carts. How long of a lineup usually on a Sunday at 12:30?

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  1. Just menus at Rol San.
    I find Rol San's dim sum are fresher than most of cart places like Sky Dragon, because the dim sum is steamed or fried to order, instead of being carted around the dining room until someone decides they'd like to eat it.
    Haven't been on a Sunday so I'm not sure about their line-up situation.

    1. Rol San is VERY fresh and one shouldn't miss the carts given how excellent and well priced the dishes are. FYI, many restos in HK and China are cartless.

      Yes, it is very busy on the weekend. TIP: those in the know try to jump the front line by going directly to the back room 'line'. The seating system is heavily flawed, so you need to be a bit creative to circumvent either line up. As well, the back room is a completely different experience [than the front] as it accomodates large groups and you honestly feel like you are eating in running around and all...

      1. Rol San does have excellent dim sum. I usually end up there during the week, but I've heard it's very busy on the weekend.

        One thing to note, avoid the hot & sour soup, it's not very good at all.

        1. What are the prices like? Are they the same all across the board, or big, small, medium?

          Also, are there discounts for time of day (early morning/late afternoon) or day of the week (weekend vs weekday)?

          Do they charge for tea?

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            I can't remember exact prices, but a VERY filling weekday lunch usually comes to about $15 per person including tax and tip.

            We just order dim sum though, no full dishes of any sort.

            1. re: xtal

              Thats about right per VERY FULL person and yes it is the standard - different pricing for different dishes. mmmmmmm see ya there tomorrow!