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Sep 22, 2006 02:15 PM

Cake or Pie?

Do you prefer cake or pie in general?

I'll keep my choice to myself for now.

A group of my friends have been having this debate for the past year or so. It broke down exactly 50-50 in our group and we have each introduced it into our workplaces or schools and it always seems to break down 50-50. There also don't seem to be too many fence sitters -- while almost everyone will agree they like both, there is always a preference and usually a really strong one.

We have tried various phrasings of the question:

Which do you like enough to eat a bad version of it?

For example, I'd turn my nose up at store-bought versions of one and have had slices of it I could not finish, but have never left a slice of the other on a plate no matter how bad.

The only rephrasing of the question that got people to change their answer was which is better: the best pie or the best cake?

That got a couple people who were pie supporters to say that cake could be better, it just never was.

So I open the floor to all you Chowhounders. Maybe an American dominated board will increase the percentage of pie supporters as compared to my friends in Toronto? We'll see.

Oh, and this will lead to other debates like is Cheesecake really a pie? And if it is called Gateau in French, does that make it a cake (i.e. Gateau St. Honore)?

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  1. Pie. I just can't get too excited about most cakes, and really only eat cake if there's ice cream, too. Pies, on the other hand, are completely different. Give me a fork and get out of my way!

    1. Pie, but only good pie. I don't object to cake but don't get too excited about it. And they usually look better than they taste. I don't like either enough to eat it if it's bad.

      1. absolutely definitely cake.

        1. Pie, preferably little tart's.

          1. Hello.. Great topic. I will always prefer pie to cake. I cannot easily recall a slice of pie that I've rejected, even when it's merely mediocre. Whereas, a mediocre slice of cake I will handily turn down after a few bites or even just a presumptive glance... I even like the generic individually wrapped 3-for-a-dollar 'pies' sold in the grocery store next to the single serving ho-hos and twinkies. The fillings on those single-serving pie/turnovers, especially the coconut or chocolate, are like pudding. How can you beat sweet dough-encased pudding for 33 cents a serving! Also, if I eat cake, especially layer cake, I must 'topple over' my slice on the plate; then I proceed to take the fork and tease each layer of cake/frosting free from their compressed original form and eat the cake/frosting layers separately. That way, say, with a single tri-layer cake slice, I feel like I'm eating three separate slices of the cake. Dividing the cake up in this manner makes me feel less sad as the cake disappears as I polish it off. Eaten in sections like that, I can better portion off my diminishing larder of goodness, then gird my loins for the inevitable moment when it's all gone :-).