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Sep 22, 2006 01:53 PM

What should I expect at Barclay Prime?

Has anyone been there lately? A bunch of my coworkers and I are going this evening for drinks then dinner. I am wondering about the dress code and the cost of drinks.

Are the diners in suits or might "upscale" business casual be okay?

A few drinkers are going to the bar for pre-dinner drinking. They drink a lot. What are the costs of drinks there?

One of us will be ordering the $100 cheesesteak. He's had it before and says it's great. Anyone have the kobe beef sliders?

And my last question is - anyone try the organic chicken? I'm a small eater, especially at an after 8pm dinner, so I'm wondering how big it is.

Thank you for any and all comments and opinions in advance!

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  1. drinks are $12 and up. the kobe sliders are good, and a much better value than the $100 cheesesteak your inebriated friend plans to order.

    1. Thank you. I saw a picture of it on a website and was surprised at how simple it looks.

      1. In my opinion, I think the $100 Cheesteak is a rip off. Potentially decent as a shared appetizer, but the GM himself has said it was a marketing ploy to gain notoriety. That said, it's still good, but not even close to worth $100. Just my opinion.

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          Thank you. Not a good idea to let the public know the price isn't based on the value. Anyone try the chicken?