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Sep 22, 2006 01:48 PM

QUICK! 2 Nights in Paris, need suggestions

I will be in Paris for 3 nights next weekend. I have a dinner reservation at Benoit on thursday night. I will have lunch at Le Comptoir (if I can get in) on one of the days. I want to go somewhere new or old, famous/well established or unknown chef with basic food, not too creative (I get that here in NYC..) I love l'ami Louis (no room for us) and Aux Lyonnais. We are celebrating an anniversary and will spend whatever. Atmosphere and nice vibe is a plus. We are stating in the Marais, but we will go anywhere. Suggestions please! Thanks!

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  1. I really like L'Os a Moelle, in the 15th i think it's near Lourmel Metro, you will need to book. they do 6 courses, one soup, then a fish, then a veggie, then a meat, then cheese and dessert, but they are quite small very light food, really good tasting so you don't feel as though you can't move afterwards. i went in a group of three, there are three alternatives for each course except the dessert, where there are four. we had tried each dish until then... couldn't not!

    1. Had dinner at L'Os a couple of nights ago.
      Having eaten there last fall, I was looking forward to returning.
      Do not take the back table near the window.
      This section seats 6 people.
      Our entire meal was destroyed, as the four men next to us, cable salesmen were loudly discussing the next days presentation, and as soon as we ordered the fois gras starter, I knew that the loudest one would tell the story of fois gras is great detail, which he did,including hand gestures.
      The man was so obnoxious that we left after the main.
      The staff to their discredit did not acknowledge our discomfort.
      One of the men was so loud, that they had to be aware.
      I find this unforgiveable.
      The tables were full, but they might have offered to set us up outside.
      Certainly one of the servers was there when the man grabbed his throat and plunged his hand to his mouth to show how the feed is forced down.
      I will not return.
      Read my review re: Chez Denise just below, where our experience was exactly the opposite.
      We didn't want to leave!

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        That's actually kind of amusing, yet annoying at the same time.

      2. It will probably be difficult to get reservations for next Friday and Saturday evenings on such short notice. And many restaurants are closed Saturday. If you're celebrating and spending is not a problem, I would try and see if there is a cancellation at one of the more conservative, foodwise, of the top restaurants:
        Taillevent, conservative cooking but a 3 star experience
        Alain Ducasse, more showy but great food
        L'Ambrosie (open Saturday night): IMO serves the best and most consistent food of the top restaurants
        The following are more creative, though I have not been impressed with either. Based on single meals, the food is good but not great. There are many good reports:
        Le Bristol, open all weekend
        Le Cinq, open all weekend
        I also like:
        Au Trou Gascon, Southwest cooking
        L'Angle du Faubourg, own by the Taillevent group, modern decor with very good not too modern food.
        Bistros with hearty food and nice well worn decor:
        Le Petit Marguery, great game
        Au Vieux Bistro, classic bistro
        Le Repaire de Cartouche, hearty with a more modern touch

        1. Why not try something simple and yet really good... La Boissonniere in the 5th arrondissement? It may be a bit hard to get a reservation if you wait until you get there, but call them now, and it should work. Good fish, good menu selections, nice neighborhood... and not at all expensive. highly recommended.

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            La Boissonierie is in the 6th arr. in the Rue, de Buci area. It is nice and the wine shop across the street, run by the same people is fun. I highly recommend Le P'tit Troquet in the 7th and one of my favourites Chez l'Ami Jean also in the 7th.

            Another place is Au Petit Tonneau on rue, St. Dominique. It is run by a delightful woman who does magic with fungi and fish (love her beurre blanc) and I think her tarte tatin and clafouti are right up there with the best. It is not fancy but very warm and French--mostly Parisians eating here.

            Hardly ever mentioned and tres francaise is Le Poule au Pot. Open very late and serves a very credible rendition of that dish.

            For something more upscale, with a wonderful cuisine and location, try Ze Kitchen Galerie. It is delightful to stroll along the Seine after dinner.

            Let us here how your trip goes. Bon Appetit.

            1. re: faijay

              Do you have an address or phone number for La Boissonierie? I can't seem to find it on the Web and will be right near there in a few weeks. Thanks. I'll keep searching because it's probably somewhere in my files or bookmarked places.

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                The full name of he restaurant is:
                Fish La Boissonierie
                69 rue de Seine
                Tél : 01 43 54 34 69 Fax : 01 46 34 63 41

                IIRC, this is that lively restaurant in the area that is run/owned by an American, and the staff spoke good English. Also. this one is open on Sundays.