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Sep 22, 2006 01:39 PM

Early Saturday Supper in Canton CT

A group of friends and I are going to a concert next Sat. at the Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton. Starts at 7 PM. We would like suggestions for a nice early dinner at about 5.

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  1. I would go to Terra Ristorante in the shopping plaza on rt 44 in Canton, "The Shoppes at Farmington Valley." Been there a few times and the food is great, and the atmosphere is nice as well. There is also Simmer, right across from Terra, but I'm not sure if the do an early dinner service, though they probably do. Further up the road toward Avon, there is Max-A-Mia, which is consistently good, but not on a par with Terra or Simmer. Across from Max-A-Mia is Carmen Anthony's which I've not yet been to but has a very good rep.

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      i was shopping down there a few weeks ago and checked out both menus for terra & simmer and they look TASTY! go and report back :)

    2. Simmer is excellent ("upscale comfort food"), I've eaten there several times and have not been disappointed. I believe they open at 5:00.
      Have not been to Terra yet, but the menu looks wonderful and they have a good rep.

      1. Simmer is not as good as Terra. But Terra can be very loud, although probably not early when you are seeking to go. Max-a-Mia is good. I would not go to Carmen Anthony. Expensive and very inconsistent.

        1. I totally agree about avoiding Carmen Anthony. I have no idea how they maintain their reputation

          1. If you want a seriously excellent dinner, check out Bosco, in Avon, just off of Hopmeadow in another shopping plaza. It will not be cheap, but neither would Simmer, I suspect, and I can't see how that they could stand up to the meal I had when I went to Bosco this summer. I think they are Zagat rated, if that means something to you. They often have music outside, so it'll get things going early for your concert-going. They have a very nice bar, with good pairings suggestions, the indoors area is very comfortable, and the service is lovely. The menu is interesting (in a good way) and diverse, with a lot of tantalizing options. My memory is that we were running early too, but I would check with them to be certain on the hours.

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              It's "Bosc" like the pear not "Bosco" like the syrup, by the way. And I agree, it's an excellent restaurant.