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All About Braising

This seems like the cookbook to get if one is interested in braising.... I'm about to purchase it from Amazon, but if I should get something from Wolfert or Keller.

My husband likes a good osso buco and made a fantastic short rib the other night, but wants to expand his repertoire. He loves our le creuset's of various sizes.

any must try recipes from the book, too, would be appreciated.

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  1. It is not a book I have been interested let alone compelled to buy. Braising is somethign I just do naturally much of the winter. I don't need a book that duplicates many of the recipes I have in other books, if I feel I need a recipe.

    1. Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale With Maple-Rosemary Glaze. My husband says this is the best thing I have ever made for him.

      recipe here


      my comments here


      I also really like Braised Pork Chops & Creamy Cabbage. Recipe is paraphrased here


      here are some previous discussions


      1. Just so you know, I found my copy really cheap on half.com, for $7, and it was brand new.
        I've made two recipes from it, Moroccan chicken with olives and preserved lemon and sausages and plums braised in red wine and both were terrific. If you're a very experienced cook, it may not be that helpful, but it gives great, detailed instructions on how to braise, and the author is a compelling enough writer that I like to read the cookbook in bed. Of course, then I get so hungry that I can't fall asleep :)

        1. I just bought this book at Kitchen Arts & Letters which, if you ain't from New York, is a cookbook store run by and staffed with very knowledgable people. They all said that the great thing about the book is that if you use it, you will become so proficient at braising that you will outgrow it. It is full of discussion of braising as well as recipes. I love it so far. I am very glad that I bought it, as I am not yet an expert braiser. If you already are one, it might not be that useful for you.

          1. I recently bought the book too--at EBay for $11.50 (haven't received it yet though) so I would say AppleSister got a much better deal at half.com! You go, girl! (didn't even know that the website existed til now) I'm pretty comfortable with braising but decided to purchase the book after trying the Pork Chops Braised with Creamy Cabbage and reading all the other raves here; that recipe was just delicious.

            1. coq au vin (chicken braised in red wine[can be also be prepared with white wine]) is a natural braise that is very easy and quite satisfying on a cool fall

              Sauerkraut and almost any piece of pork can be braised together. I have a great recipe for kraut for people who think that they hate sauerkraut,if you might be interested.


              a Moroccan tangine can be a thought of as a braise.

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                I'm a person who doesn't like sauerkraut! Is it really possible that I could?

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                  My husband used to be disgusted at the mention of sauerkraut, but once I made it for him, both his mother and sister asked for my recipe. I was quite flattered at the thought, but I never had a written recipe. I grew up in a very German household and making kraut was a given.
                  I just posted my recipehttp://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/327417 . I have yet to meet anyone who said that they hate 'kraut, after they have had it prepared correctly. I hope you like it.

              2. I love this cookbook. I haven't made one thing from it that wasn't fabulous. I was never much of a fan of braised meats, so never really used that method...I much preferred roasting. However, this book has helped me come around to really enjoying braised meat. Wonderful stuff!

                1. Country style ribs braised with mango, lime and coconut. Absolutely fabulous, and not something I would come up with in a million years of braising without a recipe.

                  1. Okay, guys, you've done a good deed... I have to confess that I took All about Braising out of the library sometime ago and haven't been able to bring myself to return it. (I kept thinking I would copy out a few favorite recipes first and never made the time.) And it never occurred to me that I could find a cheap place to buy it. So-- after I read this page I went running off to Amazon and bought a used copy for $12. Now to skitter off the the library and return their copy... Thanks!

                    1. I just bought this book recently for $7 brand new at my local bookseller; at that price I couldn't pass it up. I'm not sure if I would have bought it for much more than $10 since it wasn't high on my list. While braising may sound like an easy concept, this book will help me perfect my braising technique. It explains the art of braising in more detail then I have ever seen elsewhere.

                      I get the impression that the recipes are extremely well-tested and provide consistently good results. I've also seen recipes for braising fish and vegetables that I've never seen elsewhere. It strikes me as a book that beginners and advanced cooks can both appreciate.

                      Another plus in getting it now is that I think this may be the next cookbook of the month, so you'll have it ready to go!

                      1. http://www.cooksillustrated.com/ideal...

                        This is a link to a great conversation about this book on Cooks Illustrateds website.

                        1. If you can find a good deal on the book I really recommend buying it. It is a superior reference for selecting ingredients, braising pots and the recipes are well written and very detailed. I think the techniques can be applied to a lot of other braising recipes not covered in the book.

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                            Here's a search engine that will allow you to shop many used online bookstores at once. I've bought dozens of books via this site and saved lots of money.


                          2. THX for the bestwebbuys tip!
                            that's very helpful, although I don't think they include Jessica's Biscuit in the search
                            JB's is an EXCELLENT place to buy cookbooks online...and they send you bonuses like coffee beans or Gourmet mag.

                            1. i just realized that Molly coathored another excellent cookbook - One Potato, Two Potato - i used to cook from it a lot, quite a bunch of interesting recipes and ideas.
                              In fact i'm making chicken confit right now - easy and delicious.

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                                I have that one too, but haven't cooked from it. Any favorites you would care to share?

                              2. unfortunately i won't be reunited with the book in the next several days so i'm relying and my memory and amazon :)
                                my favorite would be:
                                above mentioned chicken confit;
                                potato/mushrooms gratin - check out the trick to coax flavor from even ordinary mushrooms by slow roasting them;
                                my recollection is that potato ratatouille with cumin and cilantro was pretty good;
                                and my absolute favorite is arequipena potatoes, sort of peruvian mac and cheese: now as i remembered i need to make it quite soon!

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                                  Thanks! I just checked out the arequipena potatoes, they sound so good. With the cheese and the poblano pepper, I think they'd be a good side dish for one of the Rick Bayless recipes (November's cookbook).

                                2. I was just blogging about the wonderful Braised Sausages and Plums in Red Wine, when I came across a link to this and other recipes. I thought I would mention it.