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Brooklyn Brunch / Lunch Recommendations

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Planning to take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend and was hoping to grab brunch relatively close to the bridge area......any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Brooklyn - just over the bridge (or in that area).

    1. If they have brunch, Five Front at... 5 Front St would probably be a great bet. And they have a lovely garden to boot.

      Does anyone know if they serve brunch?

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        Yes, they have brunch. it's pretty good, and the garden is very nice. if you decide you'd rather just have a pastry and coffee, definitely go to almondine. so, so good.

        1. re: twiggles

          almondine is lovely. great sandwiches if you want to picnic.

      2. In the immediate area, Superfine has a worthwhile "green chili bluegrass brunch."

        Reservations are reccomended because it gets packed, but the bluegrass music is fun, and the New Mexico-inspired food is worth the walk.

        1. Superfine and Front Street both look great - thanks for the recommendations.

            1. re: erikka

              Bubby's does, and the pancakes are pretty good, but nothing else is noteworthy. it's also important to note that they have a little kid's play area and if you sit near it, you will not be able to hear your dining companions.

            2. Avoid Bubby's like the plague.

              Mediocre food, bad service, amd overwhelming vast room.