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Sep 22, 2006 12:55 PM

faux crab meat - what do I do with it?

We had our in-laws pass through last weekend. They forgot some of the groceries they had bought for the next leg of their trip. We now find ourselves in the possession of two packages of faux crab meat. I have never really had it before or seen what can be done with it beyond suspicious mayo-laden looking salads at my Grandma's house. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. You could wrap bacon around it and broil it,that's pretty good.Had that at a couple of local chinese buffet places.
    Instead of Lobster Newburg,make faux crab newburg or faux crab thermidor.You could also take,snow peas or sugar snap peas,
    green onions,fresh mushrooms,bamboo shoots and yellow peppers or thin carrot strips and do stir fry.Also you could make baked stuffed flounder or catfish or tilapia and use that
    in the stuffing or faux deviled crab cakes.

    1. I would give it away to a faux neighbor or faux friend.

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          What exactly IS it made out of?


            1. re: Atahualpa

              Duh, I knew that! It was the "faux" part that through me, along with the description. I suppose I'm used to seeing the ugly pink crab "sticks."


      1. I've developed an allergy to most shell fish nso at times I use this product mixed in with spicey rice dishes,asian noodles,broths(bonito flakes,ramen etc) and greens.With any of the fish sauces and something with a crunch such as water chestnuts,choy,lettuce or kimchee

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          All the faux crab I have come across has been processed pressed fish - white fish with a little red dye. Many MANY Japanese soups use fish cakes of different shapes and colors...oden, ramen, although I'm not the hugest fan, if I had some in my fridge, I would make like scunge and whip up some noodle soups.

        2. I'd use sense in wasting perfectly edible food. One package would probably find its way into some kind of soup, and I'd take the other and mix it with some frozen peas (a couple of cups worth) and three or four eggs, and scramble them all together. Drizzle some oyster sauce on it and serve with plain rice.

          1. STEP AWAY FROM THE KRAB...