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Sep 22, 2006 12:04 PM

wierd foods in-Mexico city, dubai, seattle, mumbai, london, buenos aires, Sydney

i am on the hunt for wierd food, or wierd food or restaurant concepts all over the world, during the following months i am focussing on Mexico city, Dubai, Seattle, Mumbai, London, Buenos Aires and Sydney. Can anyone suggest where to go or have seen/heard about anything odd/fun? could be recipe, presentation, way you eat it.

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  1. I saw noddle + omlette sandwiches in japan, they were quite cool!

    1. in russia they wrap an whole chicken in a sort of tortilla wrap. you rip pieces off the bread and chicken and eat it with your hands.

      1. Of the places you mention, Mumbai has great, varied street food. I wouldn't call hte food weird, however. Stuff like vegimite and marmite are weider than rice-field rats in Burma, deep fried adult beetles in the Philippines, duck embryos in Vietnam, or the smoked beef lung and cabbage I'm fixing for lunch today.

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          Do you have leftovers? The dish sound very intriguing, where is it from?

          1. re: kare_raisu

            Mom used to make corned beef and cabbage in sort of a German-Japanese fusion. There is no corned beef here in Cali, but there is good smoked lung.

        2. i am trying to find not so much unusual ingredients, but how something is served, or combinations of foods, or how you eat it, something like that.
          I am really lloking forward to going to Mumbai, should be really good eating!

          1. sort of like those dumpling things they have in shanghai which is served in the bamboo steamer, the "bread" covers it completly and you drink out the soup with a straw before breaking it open to eat the filling?