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Sep 22, 2006 11:57 AM

Thai food

I know this will seem like a weird post, but I would like to know if anyone out there has experienced the same as I do.
I have been eating Thai food for years, whenever eat it at night, I have to worst nightmares, really bad and graphic, I am putting it down to sleeping too soon after eating or perhaps some ingredient that I am allergic to.
Does anyone have similar experiences?

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  1. To Thai food generally? No, I can't say I've ever experienced that phenomenon.


    1. You know you don't eat the lemongrass right? Can't help you out.

      1. It sounds like heartburn to me. Never experienced it but I know some who have. Do you have any gastrointestinal symptoms?

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        1. re: cheryl_h

          Thanks Cheryl, no, I don't have gastrointestinal symwptoms, It's been like this for years however, but I am thinking its sleeping too soon after eating, the dreams are wild though.

        2. If it was the case that there was something in Thai food that gave people nightmares wouldn't there be a nation of very frightened, sleep deprived people? Could account for the coup...

          1. Do you eat it spicy? Maybe the chili pepper makes you hallucinate like on that episode of the Simpsons where Homer tripped from tasting the really hot pepper at the chili cook off.

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            1. re: kate.s

              Oh my goodness, that one is out of control.