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Sep 22, 2006 11:43 AM

NY to Hooksett, Manchester NH 84, 90, 495, 93?

I have to take a business road trip to Hooksett NH, near Manchester. I'm going to travel up 84 to 90 to 495 to 93? Is there any MUST STOP at places to eat on the way? I don't want to get off the beaten path. I will need a breakfast place (I eat anything for breakfast, so it doesn't have to be standard breaksfast fare). I figure I'll want breakfast 1/2 way up. + Anything else on the way up worthy of a quick stop, on the way back it's lunch time. Nothing too time consuming, any type of food is fine. Thanks -

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  1. Hi - suggestion for lunch - if you're up for Mexican before leaving Hooksett/Manchester go to LaCarreta, right on the Hook/Manch line - anyone could tell you how to get there, right off 93 on the main drag.

    Also The Chateau off 93 in Andover Mass, just after crossing the NH border is a good bet for lunch/dinner & couldn't be more convenient off the hwy

    Can't think of too many breakfast suggestions other than Denny's in Lawrence MA (off 495), or Cracker Barrel in either Tewksbury MA (495) or Londonderry NH (93)

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        Thanks for the Rein's Deli suggestion. I had a bagel with sable for breakfast there yesterday. Too bad it was after my trip (where I ate way too much). Otherwise, I would have tried a few more items.

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          You're welcome--it seems to be the halfway point whenever we drive from NH down to NYC. Though the pastrami doesn't quite match up to Katz's, it does the job.

      2. Manchester offers a lot of choices. For quick, I would choose the Vietnamese place on South Elm St (Manchester's Main Street). I think it's simply Little Saigon. A few doors south there's a Hungarian Bakery that serves a few things for lunch. Mostly I stop in for a pastry for dessert. There's a really good Chinese place in the shopping plaza on Hanover St near the stadium.
        But I would also be tempted to take 101 to Peterborough and go either to the diner near the Toadstool Bookstore or the restaurant that's approx across the street. The drive would be picturesque. Continue on to Keene, then Brattleboro and pick up Rt 91 there to head south. I'm convinced it takes longer to travel via Rt 495 and 3/293 esp if you hit traffic problems on Rt 495. I did a few weeks ago in mid-afternoon and a friend did, too. There was some bridge construction. You're practically guaranteed no traffic on Rt 91 as far as Brattleboro. Did I mention I hate the Mass pike?
        I've only been to the Puritan in Hooksett for banquets but I think it's supposed to have a reputation for great chicken fingers.
        For dessert you can cross over the bridge to Rt 3A, head south to Merrivale's Homemade Ice Cream. It's not to far north of the Staples/Kohls shopping center. Indian pudding ice cream should be on the menu by now. Continue south for an easy return to Rt 93.

        1. Wish I got this a few days ago! My trip is over. Good to know if I need to go back. I had dinner at a steak house, maybe the chophouse? It's on Hanover St. Excellent dinner. Oysters, Cheese platter with a fried mangchengo that was so so so good, and a rack of lamb. Everything was good except for my margarita, way too sweet, and watered down, not what you would expect from a place with top notch food like this.