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Sep 22, 2006 10:01 AM

Quebec City and Charlevoix with Toddler

Any suggestions in Quebec City or the Charlevoix region for 2 NYC foodies with a toddler in tow? We're looking for really good food in casual atmospheres that would be willing to accomodate a small child. Thanks.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. For the Charlevoix region, the Quebec tourism's "Route Des Saveurs" is a fantastic resource:

        Particularly toddler friendly:
        In Pointe au Pic: Le Passe Temps, a casual Creperie
        In Les Eboulements - the chocolate shop opposte the Inn named Le surouet - there is also an old iron forge to lok at and discover (keeps the interest while you are noshing!
        )Off the steep road between Les Eboulement s and St. Joseph De la Rive there is a lovely farm called "Les Jardins du Centre" which makes a big deal of the pumpkin harvest in the autumn - also fun excursion for a toddler.

        As for really good food - most places in the region are quite used to tourism and not likely to turn up their nose at the little one. Some mof my favourites include:

        La Pinsonniere (the aforementioned really good food - but not particularly casual)
        Le Surouet (for the view as much as the food, I'll admit)
        Maison D'Affinage Maurice Dufour - this is where they make the fantastic Migneron de Charlevoix cheese. You can also take a tour and see how the chesse is made (also great to keep the little one's interest, now that I think of it) and in summer months they operate a small restaurant.

        1. When in QC, please go to Chez Temporel. This is a true cafe that continually makes its own croissants - I dare say they are a World's Best. Coffee is excellent here.
          Not much else on the menu aside from soups and sandwiches, but this little place is one of your best bets.

          Aside from that, have fun at Casse-Croute Breton, a creperie on r. St Jean. Also on St. Jean, Bel Gauffre is a chain that makes Liegois style waffles, and they are damn good at it.

          If you sit down at a cafe/ restaurant on the street, expect glacially-paced service and food of dubious quality.

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            We had a couple nice lunches over the years (its been a goodly while, though) with kids at the Black Sheep (Mouton Noir) in St. Paul de Baie in Charlevoix.(this region attracts many Francophone tourists from outside the province). Our experience in French Canada generally is that there is a warm welcome for families with well-behaved kids. But remember, in the better restaurants,you get European style meal pacing which may not work so well with kids in tow. Go out for some nice poutines at roadside places sometimes, give yourself a break. It will be good if you speak french - there are few english-speakers in this region.

            On the Isle de Coudres, we stayed at a Hotel Roche Pleureuse, which was a pleasant family hotel/motel catering almost exclusively to a middle-class French-Canadian crowd - they have country music and dancing in the evening, very convivial. The food is not sophisticated at all but tasty - good breakfasts and would work with a child.