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Sep 22, 2006 06:54 AM

Panko Bread Crumbs in Calgary

Hi all,

All you foodies out there must know where I could get my hands on some panko bread crumbs.

I have looked in some of the stores in Chinatown, in T&T and in Sobey's and Safeway.

Is there a Japanese grocer in the city somewhere?


Thanks in advance.

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  1. superpoof:

    Am surprised that T.&T. did not stock panko crumbs. That is where I pick them up here in Edmonton and they had several varieties on the last occasion I needed them.

    Superstore perhaps? I hate shopping there but can often find interesting condiments and the like that you do not find elsewhere.

    1. I've found them in the Chinese supermarket on Center Street and around 13 ave North. They have a large Japanese selection including some refrigerated items.

      Also, there is a Korean store on Northland Drive in the back of the mall across the street from Winston Churchill High School that has a reasonable Japanese collection. They even sell fresh shabu shabu meat.

      This mall also used to have a decent Indian store with a good selection of spices but I haven't looked at that end for some time.

      1. There is a Korean owned Japanese/Korean food store on 10th Avenue and 12th-13th Street SW.

        Im also surprised you didnt find anything at T&T.

        1. I have bought some from T&T before. If you cannot find it in their Japanese section next to the vegetables, they stock it in another section (where they also stock rice vinegar, etc.). It's one of the aisles near the seafood/meat side. HTH.

          1. You can get Panko at the Arirang market on 10th ave and 13th St. SW>