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Sep 22, 2006 06:45 AM

still recommend sushi go 55 for cheap lunch tomorrow??

am meeting a friend who's on jury duty, and since i'm usually the one that's supposed to be in the know about all the spots i want to make sure this is still a reliable option. ive never been so i have no clue. if it's not, any other recs for little tokyo (perfer sushi). thanks so much!

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    You won't believe it!
    They open at 11:15a which helps when trying to beat the possible line.
    Plan B is stand in line at Sushi Gen which is really good also.

    1. IF you go omakase at the bar it isn't as cheap. For an inexpensive lunch, though, go to a table. A note: the quality is better omakase and is better at the bar. But the price is substantially higher - the deals are for the set pieces.

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        Jerome, they serve the Sushi Special at the Sushi Bar also(which surprised me, because I've never seen that before) and it's the same cuts of fish they serve for Omakase which we've done several times and is around 30-50 ea. Sushi Special for 10-ea and some possible other dishes and for 30- for TWO people your done!

        1. re: russkar

          Well, Russ, I was just there on Tuesday and I saw different yellowtail cut for the regular special order than was used for the omakase we were given. It could just be my suspicious nature, though.
          The whole "live" scallop dish - some hot, some cold parts, was pretty great though.

      2. Sushi Go 55 is a decent place to go, I believe they have a $10 lunch special that's basically 5 nigiri sushi + 1 handroll (I think it comes with the fixins like miso soup, etc.) which is a pretty good deal.

        Sushi Gen is definitely recommended, and I also recommend Izayoi for their bento boxes (yes, I know it's not sushi, but a good option esp. if your friend has to go back in a hurry.)

        1. yeah so the sushi lunch special was awesome, and what a steal for $10! i am by no means a sushi expert, but i appreciate nice fresh fish, and the tuna was really good, nice n buttery. i really liked the mackerel too i think it was, and another fish that tasted like it was in some kind of mustardy sauce. the handroll didnt do anything for me (and what a pain to eat handrolls), but i liked the sunomono a lot, and id really like to go for omakase when i have some extra dough. thanks for all your replies!

          btw, oed sushi gen have sushi lunch specials as well? id imagine they must

          1. I love Sushi Go 55, but Izayoi is also a good choice for sushi lunch specials (not just bento lunches). They have a nigiri special with eight pieces of nigiri and a small toro cut roll and small cucumber cut roll, plus miso soup, tsukemono and hijiki for $11.50. I haven't ordered it yet, but they also have a beautiful sashimi special and chirashi special.