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Sep 22, 2006 06:35 AM

Stop complaining about no food diversity in Philly

I've been reading all these complaints about how Philly only has Italian and Asian restaurants! Don't you guys realize that there are parts of this USA with no good Italian at all. I live in Oregon, and I've been reading all this because I'm planning a trip back to my old hometown in 2 weeks, and I've been wanting a good hoagie, PA style Italian, etc. for many many years. I really miss the delis that we don't have on the west coast. NONE - I'm talking about the Italian places that stink from all the cheeses and pickles and fabulous cold cuts. Where can I find a REAL DELI, or has the city changed so much, that it's just like LA now???

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  1. I agree. You really have to put Philly in perspective regarding it's food. Sure, compared to NYC, Philly has less of a variety of ethnic offerings, as in like fewer Ethiopian restaurants. But we do have the Reading Terminal Market which puts the Chelsea Market to shame. And we don't have the deep dish pizza places or Garret's popcorn like in Chicago. But ever try to get a decent soft pretzel or a cheesteak in Chicago or (shudder) other parts of the country? Embrace the best that Philly has to offer.

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      1. I've cooked around the country for years. Everywhere I have been I make cheesesteaks, pierogies, amish food...people go nuts for it.

        We'll be moving to Seattle soon and while I'll miss my friends and family, it's saying goodbye to Reading Market and good old PA diner food that breaks my heart.

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          Just wondering - what amish food do you cook around the country?

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            chicken pot pie(with home made noodles, not crust)apple dumplings, cabbage rolls, corn fritters, and chow chow are always the most popular things

        2. Folks, rather than comparing food in Philly to other places (which, we've learned from past discussions, generally just leads to a lot of off topic chest-thumping, none of which leads anyone to great chow), please focus on the question daawagon is asking, and offer your suggestions for good deli in Philly. Thanks.

          1. daawgon, the Italian Market on 9th Street still has DiBruno Bros and Claudio's for stinky cheeses and meats, plus a variety of authentic Mexican places to choose from. Also walk to Bitar's at 10th and Federal for great Lebanese food.