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Sep 22, 2006 06:14 AM

Solar Harvest is closed :(

No more bison burgers and the cleverly-organized healthy menu that made SH near and dear to my heart, as of September 8th. The South Beverly Drive restaurant is closed for good. It better not have been due to eminent domain.

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  1. I live in the neighborhood and am thrilled that the place is closed. I never saw anyone in there and was just waiting for it to close. I tried it several times and thought it was horrible. The menu was confusing and gimmicky, nothing tasted good and the ambience was as unappetizing as the food.

    I used to eat frequently at Solar Harvest's predecessor, Real Food Daily, and although Real Food Daily has its own problems, it was definitely better than Solar Harvest. Plus, I couldn't believe how they ripped out the Real Food Daily tables, which were perfectly comfortable, and did perhaps the single worst restaurant design I have seen in L.A.

    Good riddance. Now, if we could only get a decent restaurant in there. Except for Sushi, Sushi, all of the food on South Beverly Drive is beyond bad.

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      wow. okay. i'm kind of afraid to say that i like the food at urrth cafe on south beverly pretty well too.

      1. re: amandine

        Urth's muffins are absolutley wonderful. I defend!