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Chocolate bread, not very sweet, looks like pumpernickel loaf.

OK, another bread question. (My body's probably craving carbs as the weather cools.) About a year ago I bought a delicious loaf of chocolate-cherry bread by La Brea at the Star Market on Beacon St. in Somerville. Not like banana / muffin-ish bread, but a straight-up loaf like marble rye. Since then I've been unable to find this particular bread, or a comparable loaf of non-pastry/non-desserty chocolate bread. Any sightings?

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  1. Clear Flour Bakery in Allston used to make a good one...

    1. No help to you now but Boston Bread in Coolidge Corner made choc. bread. I miss that place. Does Hi Rise make that?

      1. i dunno either, but i suspect it's the sort of thing hi-rise would make, at least on occasion. there's a stall in the nyc greenmarket in union sq. that's got great chocolate bread.

        failing all that, the beth hensperger recipe for chocolate bread also works pretty well.

        1. "When Pigs Fly" Bakery does an awesome chocolate bread that is available in their York, ME outlet. The last time I was there, one of the employees told me that they also sell their bread (whole, unsliced) at South Station on Wednesdays.

          Hannaford's Supermarket also carries their own chocolate bread.

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            Here is their website. You can order online. I have done this and was very pleased with the product. They also sell a kit to make their chocolate bread.


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              I was going to suggest you try "When Pigs Fly" at the South Station Farmer's Market too. A friend brought me a loaf of their mango bread yesterday and was raving about the chocolate bread too. The mango is just like you describe - not like a sweet, cakey quick bread - regular bread studded with chopped fruit. (He also brought two kinds of candy-like cherry tomatoes that still had that earthy straight-off-the vine-flavor...grab 'em if you see them when you're there!)

            2. Zingermans Bakehouse, based in Ann Arbor, MI makes the most delicious chocolate cherry bread I've ever had. They also make sourdough twists with chunks of dark chocolate...yum.

              They ship just about anywhere, website below:


              1. According to the website, they are carried in A&P, IGA, Price Chopper and Shaw's in Massachusetts and also nationally at Costco and Super Target's. Might want to check those places or e-mail the bakery and see where they ship that particular bread.


                1. It's not really my thing, but I saw When Pig's Fly Chocolate Bread last Sunday at Wilson's Frams in Lexington.

                  1. Wow, you guys really know your chocolate bread. I will call Hi-Rise to ask, since they're the closest to where I live, and will also look for the chocolate bread in Union Sq. when I'm in NYC in a week or two. The mango bread sounds yummy, too. Maybe on my way to or back from NYC I will stop at that South Station market and pick up a mango and a chocolate loaf. Never knew that When Pigs Fly had a mail-order service; if all else fails I will try that. The Zingerman's chocolate sourdough looks amazing, too. Looks like chocolate bread may become my default bread for a while. Thank you so much, everyone!

                    1. Update: I got a loaf of chocolate-cherry bread at the Union Sq. Greenmarket a couple of weekends ago. It was very good, but a teensy too sourdoughy for me. The cherries enhanced the sourness, whereas I was pining for a richer, sturdier chocolatey taste. I will gradually try the other leads, perhaps through mail-order.

                      1. I tried the chocolate boule from Trader Joe's this weekend and -- FYI -- it was just okay. However, dabbing some Nutella on it made it better. (Isn't that so true of everything.)

                        According to staff at the Concord St. location, sadly, High-Rise doesn't make chocolate bread.