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Sep 22, 2006 03:26 AM

Lunch Around The Library of Congress

Any recommendations for a quick, tasty, and preferable cheap bite around the Library of Congress?

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  1. The Library has its own cafeteria.
    OR explore the Capital Hill Historic District
    Jimmy T's at 5th and East Capital Street gives you a chance to walk up one of Washington's most beautiful Streets.
    Or walk over to Pennsylvania Avenue SE
    In the 200 and 300 blocks you'll find everything from upscale Sonoma to the Tune-In (breakfast anytime), Burrito Brothers, Firehook, Cosi, Thai Roma, Starbucks, Hawk and Dove, Taverna, some pedestrian chinese, Pete's....
    Hill staffers, local residents, tourists, maybe a Senator, occasional celebrity sightings, little bit of everything on the strip at lunchtime and after work.

    1. Pete's Diner meets all your requirements and just across 2nd Street.

      1. Or what about the Bon Cafe (next to Pete's)? I always enjoy their tuna sandwiches and quiche. The place is small though. Pete's is also fun-- try the pumpkin soup if they have it!

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          I loved that place. I live in SF and still think of Le Bon Cafe's tuna sandwiches.

        2. A bit of a hike, but my favorite capitol hill sandwich is found at Mangialardo's at 1317 Pennsylvania Ave, SE. Enjoy!

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            25 years ago, the first time I lived in DC, this place was said to have the best sandwiches in town. I worked at 17th and Penn and sent our interns to mangialardo's to pick up our lunch orders.

            A few weeks ago, I went back for the first time in decades and fond teir food to be as good as ever.