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Sep 22, 2006 03:20 AM

Buying ciabatta rolls in Cambridge / Somerville?

I'm rather new to shopping for quality bread, but have always loved sandwiches on ciabatta bread and want to start making them at home. I'd also be interested in a multigrain/whole-wheat version. Thanks!

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  1. We usually rely on Iggy's factory store on Sunday mornings. We throw on our Red Sox caps (welcome to Boston) and go buy bread (I do like their ciabatta...they never fall apart) and bagels. You can also get Iggy's breads at pretty much any Whole Foods store in Boston/Cambridge.

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      2nd Iggy's. The factory has all sorts interesting stuff you can't find at the supermarkets. LOVE the brioche rolls for fussy home BBQs.

    2. Great idea -- and for me a very convenient location. Thanks!