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Sep 22, 2006 02:34 AM

ellicot city restaurants

Any good restaurants in the Ellicot City or immediate environs?

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  1. i don't know if it's still there-it's been a while-but you must try Tersiguel's Country French Restaurant. open for lunch and dinner.

    1. Tersiguel's is still there. Jordan's is just down Main St.

      Environs - Iron Bridge Wine Co., Rooster Cafe, Cafe de Paris

      1. Jordan's is incredibly expensive and, in my opinion, not worth the price. Tersiguel's is lovely, with delicious food, and incredibly attentive staff. They are right on Main Street.

        I love the Iron Bridge Wine Company - great food and wine and environment - but they don't take reservations, so if you go at a peak time, prepare to wait.

        Cafe de Paris is another great Columbia choice - good food - I love the terrine they usually serve. They have a great prix fixe menu that I usually order from.

        I had a bad experience with the Rooster Cafe the one time I was there. I walked in without reservations which, I think, threw the kitchen a bit off kilter - they buy food daily according to the number of people they are expecting. But rather than turn me away, they found a place for me and my friend. The food was good, but service was wretched. I'm not sure if it was because I'm quite young, or because the extra table just threw everyone off. Either way, I wasn't terribly impressed, though I know other people have had nice meals there.
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        One place not mentioned yet is Aida Bistro - another lovely dining choice in Columbia. Good italian food, great wine, nice service.

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          I think I'll try Iron Bridge or Tersiguels.

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            I agree the idea of Aida is nice..and I do love their white chocalate creme brulee. But some problems I have had include very long waits for a table, a pretty inadeqate wine by the glass list, few menu choices, and an impatient staff. What do I mean? Yesterday as a friend and I lingered over lunch and chatted, we were literally chased out by a waiter who had to set up for dinner at 2:45. Perhaps he had to leave, but it seems someone there could have taken care of our one was disconcerting to be treated in that way, and I may not go back.

          2. My husband and I really like Cacao Lane. We go there for anniversaries and birthdays. The menu is limited but excellent, and can accomodate even my picky husband, who has dietary restrictions to boot. The staff are very attentive, and the environment is really neat, with exposed stone walls and antique hardwood floors. An excellent special occasion type place that's not too terribly expensive.

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            1. I am a big fan of Iron Bridge as well..partly because the crowd is a bit older and more sophisticated than what you get at many of the area's bars...and I do consider it a bar, though one that specializes in wine and also has some good food, if small portions. A couple other restaraunts that can be fun in EC are Tiber River Tavern, ( extensive Martini list), and Serafino's on Rt 40. Nothing fancy, but good reliable food of an Italian bent, lots of salads, brick oven pizzas and a pretty good wine by the glass list. I have never been dissapointed there.

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                Unfortunately the food at Tiber River Tavern has gone way down hill in the past few years (in the bar...the food in the dining room was always overpriced). When they first opened they had a great I believe they get their burgers premade, maybe even frozen, by the look and taste of them. And their fish and chips usually have undercooked batter and need seasoning. I have similiar feelings about the Cocao Lane recommendation above...I've never had anything there beyond average. Main Street Ellicott City is a bit of a challenge these days, but I'd stick to Tersiguels for finer dining and Johnny's for sandwiches. Beyond Main Street, Oriental Manor has the best Chinese in the area, and Noah's on the Side has amazing sandwiches, but limited seating.