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Sep 22, 2006 02:02 AM

Alinea Named Top Restaurant in U.S.

Has anyone mentioned yet that Alinea was named the #1 restaurant in the country by Gourmet Magazine? Their article America's Top 50 Restaurants is in the October issue. I haven't ever been there, so can't comment, but what do those of you who have actually been there think?

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  1. Absolutely deserved the honor; of the 6 or 7 meals I've had at Alinea they've all been memorable, with 2 of them being possibly the finest meals I've ever had (out of hundreds of fine-dining experiences).

    1. Alinea is definitely in a class by itself - hands down the best meal of our lives. I wonder of the Gourmet magazine article included some of the new (and extremely expensive) resturants in Las Vegas, like that of Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand, where a 16-course tasting menu costs $350 per person. When I read that my reaction was, "Hmph! It could hardly be better than Alinea!"

      At any rate, our single meal at Alinea, with its inventive, playful, delicious and amazing food; faultless, friendly and gracious service; and soothing ambience was absolutely stellar - and it's wonderful to see Chef Achatz' hard work rewarded.

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        Joel Robuchon's restaurant was no.5 or 6 on the list

      2. We have reservations for Oct 20th & I cannot wait! Will post more after that

        1. Just ate there a few weeks ago, had the full tour. Really a terrific experience. Accolades are very well deserved.