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Sep 22, 2006 01:47 AM

Chocolate honey cake: Keep for 3 days or freeze?

I'm hosting a Rosh Hashanah dinner on Sunday, the second night, but we'll be gone the day ahead of time. So, anything I make has to either last for a few days or be able to be frozen.

I've already make my soup and a regular honey cake and frozen them. Here are my two questions.

I'm trying a new recipe from Joan Nathan called Chocolate Lovers Honey Cake. It's made in a loaf pan, similar to regular honey cake but (obviously) with chocolate. In addition to melted unsweetened bakers' chocolate incorporated in the batter, there are mini-chocolate chips both within the batter and sprinkled on top. Do you think this would freeze well? I'd have to put it in the freezer Friday morning and take it out Saturday, the next day. Is that silly? Or do you think it would hang out in the refrigerator for 2 1/2 days? Which would be better?

I've been told that many people make matzo balls ahead and freeze them in soup. Do they come out OK? Or does freezing turn them into belly-bombers?

Thanks so much for your opinions!!

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  1. I just pulled a honeycake (with apricots and walnuts) out of the oven to serve on Saturday as well. I definitely will not be freezing mine. A honeycake should remain moist for quite a few days because of the moisture from the honey--in fact, it improves as it ages as long as it doesn't dry out. After it's completely cooled, I would recommend double wrapping it in plastic wrap, and then wrapping that in foil. I leave mine out at room temperature in a cool place in the kitchen.

    About matzo balls. I've never done this, but if I did, I would freeze the soup and balls separately. I wouldn't want to risk the soup getting cloudy with disintegrating balls. I make my matzo balls in water and reheat them at serving time in the soup. Matzo balls get heavier even just in the refrigerator overnight. Guess if they were light enough to begin with, you'd have half a chance of not shattering a tooth when you bit into it after they thawed. L'shana tova!

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      By the way, what Joan Nathan book is the cake from? Sounds good.

    2. The Chocolate Lovers' Honey Cake is from Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Baker book, as is the Apple Cake. The regular Honey Cake is from Joan Nathan's Holiday Kitchen. I think all of Joan Nathan's stuff is great!

      I sure hope I didn't mess up my honey cake by freezing it! I'd made it four or five days in advance so I thought maybe that it was *too* far out. I'll let ya know...

      1. All cakes stale when refrigerated, so unless you've got a cake with whipped cream or buttercream, you would do best keeping it at room temperature. And yes, freezing it for 1 day makes no sense.

        As far as JN's Chocolate Lover's Honey Cake, I have been making this cake ever since her book came out - it is FABULOUS, however I'd recommend making it in a larger pan than she recommends. I have always baked it in a Bundt pan with no problem (many on Epicurious have complained about the cake because it overflowed their pan).

        This has become my #1 favorite go-to, all-year chocolate cake - it's that good!!