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Sep 22, 2006 01:18 AM

The best of seamless web?

Just starting a new job and have many late nights ahead of me. Thoughts on the best restaurants and dishes from seamlessweb?


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    1. What neighborhood is your new office in?

      1. It depends on what your zip code is, but I use seamless for both work and home. I'll usually research my choices, but most times I stick with tried and true favorites I don't have the time to actually go eat at. My one major annoyance with it are the delivery people who are unaware that you've already paid by credit card (and included the tip), and expect payment (Miss Saigon). Otherwise it's great.

        1. If your office is in Midtown East -- Chola for Indian, Taksim for greek salads and grilled Turkish food, Sarges for deli, and Il Giocanda for Italian.

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            In the same nabe, I recommend Hatsuhana for sushi (I'm addicted to their spicy tuna rolls) and Wild Edibles for fish.

          2. I am in midtown east. Thanks a lot!