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Sep 22, 2006 12:58 AM

Oktoberfest -------any coming up within a short drive

would like to find an authentic fest with music and good German food.

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  1. I would think Blobs Park would have something!

    1. Deutsches Gasthaus 410-272-6222
      1436 S. Philadelphia Blvd., Aberdeen, MD 21001

      I read in a local paper that they are having something. Sorry I dont remember what, but I'm sure you could call.

      1. My favorite German place by far is the Old Stein Inn in Edgewater (just south of Annapolis) - here's a link to their site:

        I have never been disappointed here - the food is amazing, the beer is all fabulous - they even have a lot of hard to find bottles! - AND they are having an Octoberfest celebration in their beer garden. The beer garden, by the way, is the best place to eat. It really reminds me of places I've been in Munich, which I can't really say for Blob's Park. I do love a nice polka and brat at Blob's, but the Old Stein Inn is 100 times better for good beer, food AND atmosphere.

        1. Totally agree about Old Stein Inn - fantastic beer/food/atmosphere. Much better than Old Europe, Cafe Berlin, Cafe Mozart, etc...

          Don't skip the sausage & cheese appetizer. Another great starter is the sliced pickle with honey and sour cream on the side (not on the menu - just ask).