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Sep 22, 2006 12:40 AM

Dessert Trends - Bistro

I had my fish and chips for dinner this evening and crossed the road to get my bus. I then noticed Dessert Trends Bistro. They have started serving dinner. I didn't go into the resto but peeked in and the desserts look divine! Anybody try the new dinner menu? Also, is it a good place for some after dinner drink/coffee and dessert?

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  1. It is nothing short of excellent!

    1. Wow! I should definitely try it then. There were only a hanful of people for dinner. It looked nice and cozy.

      Here is the website: http://desserttrends.ca/

      1. Highly recommend any dessert that strikes your fancy; always intense flavours and quality ingredients. Nothing fake here! For brunch I highly recommend the apple pancakes. The coffee is great too. All that being said, it is not the cheapest place in the city, but the value is definitely there.

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          I had a sandwich for lunch at Dessert Trends today that I'm still thinking about...

          Generous portions of smoked chicken breast with crisp asparagus and melted swiss cheese, also I think some pesto mayo. At 11.50 it wasn't cheap but it was filling and, like I said, I'm still thinking about it three hours later. Sadly, it was a special and not a regular menu item.

          Didn't try the dessert though what I saw on display looked fantastic.

        2. Everything is so great there. Had quiche on the weekend and my friend had a crab sandwich. I will be back this weekend for their most incredible apple pancakes.

          1. I had the croque-monsieur for brunch a few weeks ago and it was amazing! Can't wait to go back!