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Sep 22, 2006 12:38 AM

Need recommendations for business dinner near Hotel Monaco-Chicago

Any recommendations for a business dinner within walking distance of the Hotel Monaco-Chicago for about 15 people?


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  1. Catch 35 - Seafood on Wacker. Asian influence. Right around the corner.

    Smith and Wollensky - Steakhouse chain just over the river.

    Keefers - Steak house a little farther north. Posters on Chowhound seem to prefer this one.

    Frontera Grill - Mexican - a bit of a hike?

    Bin 36 - Wine Bar/Restaurant. Great Wine selection.

    Harry Careys - Steakhouse/American. Suprisingly good food for what looks like a huge tourist trap.

    1. All of wak's options are great.

      Other good options:

      Ben Pao (Illinois and Dearborn) - very good, not terribly authentic Chinese food.

      Kevin (Hubbard b/w State and Dearborn) - excellent, but pricey contemporary American food.

      McCormick & Schmick's (Wacker b/w Wabash and State) - seafood. It's a chain, but I like the food better than Catch 35 (which is very close by). Great calamari.