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Sep 22, 2006 12:38 AM

Caught Red (Velvet Cupcake) Handed!

Awhile ago there were a lot of posts about red velvet cakes and cupcakes, but no one ever reported back!

So I finally got around to trying Paula Deen's recipe (, and it turned out very light and fluffy. It's definitely worthy of being kept on the short list of cupcakes to take to parties, etc.

The recipe was easy to follow, has no particularly special ingredients, and easily makes 24 cupcakes.

I followed the recipe exactly, and I have the following suggestions:

-I was very careful not to overbake. For the cups I filled 2/3, I cooked exactly 18 minutes. For the completely full cups, 20 minutes.

-I would halve the food coloring next time. This red is brilliant, but almost ridiculously so. It would be great for a Valentine's cake!

-I would wear gloves in the future. Most of the food coloring came off with scrubbing, but it took a LOT of scrubbing.

-Clean as you go, or your kitchen will be a MESS! I kept finding random things I had touched by accident. Bad.

-Luckily, I used a red spatula. I don't want to think what would have happened to another spatula.

-fill the cupcakes all the way. I did 2/3 on the first dozen and had way too much batter for the second dozen. Then again, I wouldn't have this problem if I would just suck it up and buy one more cupcake pan. Or, do all 2/3 and you'll have enough for 30 smaller cupcakes (or more). By small I don't mean very small, just enough to skim the paper cup but not dome up over it.

I didn't use PD's frosting recipe. I just did a basic cream cheese+enough powdered sugar to make it sweet frosting.

Happy eating! And check out me, literally caught red-handed for the first time in my life (but not last, probably):

PS. Anyone have food-coloring removing tips? I'm going to try some lemon, then nail polish remover.

Edit: washing a sinkful of dishes the old fashioned way (by hand, using warm sudsy water) did the trick.

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  1. Those cupcakes sound like a fun idea for a party, or Valentine treat, as you said.
    Try hydrogen peroxide on your hands, pour it on and scrub with a brush. I use this whenever I want to remove stains from my hands or cuticles and find it works pretty well.

    1. wow....those are really RED . . . . I agree, maybe alittle too RED . . . . I am sure they were tasty!

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      1. re: pancake

        Yeah, I looked around a little more.

        Some recipes call for 1 ounce (2 tablespoons), others call for 2 ounces. I went with 2, and it was just too much.

        Looking back, if one drop can dye an entire batch of frosting pink, 4 tablespoons was insane. Oops.

        1. re: Pei

          You can just imagine, then, how I felt when I made a whole red velvet cake and the recipe called for 1/4 cup (the 2 oz. you mention) of red food coloring! I was afraid that if I accidently dropped the measuring cup of food coloring I'd have to repaint the kitchen.

          The psychology of using that much food coloring is amazing. When you grow up using "drops" of food coloring, trying to measure out 1/4 cup of the stuff is like making pancakes for your family and being told to add 3 dozen eggs to the batter. It just seems incomprehensible.

          1. re: alanstotle

            Yeah, I've made a recipe before that called for the whole bottle of food coloring... is that 2 oz., I'm not sure? At any rate, it was VERY red, and not very good either!