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cedar pointe

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going to cedar pointe on saturday. any worthwhile food in the park or is it typical amusement park grub?

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  1. Most of it is typical amusement park grub. I was last there two or three years ago and ate at the Johnny Rocket's which was a step up from the usual burgers and fries fare, but it's a little on the pricey side. I ate at the Macaroni's restaurant 4 or 5 years ago (at least) and it was OK. Standard pizza, pasta, sandwiches, etc. - an alternative to the typical CP fare. Seemed to attract a lot of families. I usually plan on the entire trip to CP and Sandusky being devoid of chow-worthy cuisine.

    1. I am a big fan of the skin on fries with malt vinegar over by the aquarium.

      I think its called Friar Tucks.

      It's been a few years, but I agree that they isn't much chow-worthy 'cuisine', but I wouldn't expect it either.

      Have a great time no matter what!!

      1. all i go for inside is the beer garden - ha!

        you might try MARGARITAVILLE near the entrance. not great but fun. otoh, a great local chow item to look around for inside is toft's ice cream -- if no, they have an ice cream shop nearby in sandusky.

        fyi - its cedar point, no modern suburban development "e" on the end -- lol!

        1. Try Famous Dave's. It's great for barbecue. Plus a great view of the marina.

          1. The food stand I recommend is Coasters. It's typical amusement park food, but the food is among the best at the park that isn't a full service restaurant. Cedar Point is a lot of fun and anyone considering going should go.

            1. While this is now a painfully old resurrected thread, I do have one recommendation for people going to Cedar Point in the summer months: take the time to sit down and eat in one of the *air conditioned* dining rooms with full service. It is simply amazing what an hour in air conditioning with passable food and cold drinks will do to allow you to be energized for the remainder of the day.

              Sure, there are several chain places located just outside of the park itself, but taking the time to find your way to the park's exit, leave, find your restaurant pick, get a table, order, eat, pay, return, and get back into line for a ride is usually a three hour or so minimum investment. So, if that's your idea, keep in mind that you'll be sacrificing a *ton* of time trying to compete with *gobs* of others who have the same idea that you do.

              Not that it's a bad idea...but it does end up being very, *very* costly in terms of time. Trust me: you don't save that much money in leaving the park, and the chain fare outside the park isn't anything to write home about, either.

              To each his own, though.

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                hear, hear to that. it's a total waste of time to go in and out of the park to eat.

                that said, there is good local food fairly nearby over the bay bridge in the port clinton/marblehead area (but again, dont leave cp for this). i wouldalso very highly rec that families visiting cedar point stay a few days in the lakeside, oh chataqua up there, it's wonderful.