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Sep 22, 2006 12:10 AM

Sorry- another caper question

I should have added this to my post below, but forgot.
Is there much difference between different brands? Are there any that I should stay away from? The capers that I bought today were Goya brand.

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  1. I prefer capers packed in salt rather than brine. You can soak and rinse off the salt. The brine seems to not be removable. I believe Marcella prefers salted capers. So there.

    1. But the ones in brine are easier to find and are fine, at least to start with.

      1. Size matters. The bigger, the less salty and the more you can taste the actual caper. That's why I like the fully ripe caperberries you can sometimes find.

        Really, there isn't much difference between brands, if they're the same size. Although, I don't like Unico that much for some reason. Krinos foods in Toronto (are they a bigger company than that?) makes lovely capers that are much cheaper than other brands -- at least here. All those are brined. But, if you can, get some salted capers they really are special.

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          I think that caper berries (those really big, almost crabapple-sized things) are not the same as capers. Am I wrong?

          1. re: NYchowcook

            Capers are the buds of a flower on a caper bush so I think that caper berries are simply more mature buds.

        2. There is a place in Guelph Ontario (for those nearby or the very committed) called Market Fresh at Norfolk and Paisley (which is basically part corner veggie store and part Italian specialty store) where I have seen capers packed in salt.

          1. the French value the smaller capers over the larger--they prefer less than 10 cm. I suppose they are believed to have a finer flavor.