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Sep 22, 2006 12:07 AM

How do you grill cheese?

Perhaps this has been discussed before, if so, I'm sorry. Inspired by a discussion concerning tomato soup, I want to know everyone's grilled cheese secrets. For me, if it's not straight up american on a quality white bread (sometimes with some grill seasoning on the outside), then it's mozzarella en carrozzo (sp?). Fresh mozz. in bread dipped in egg batter and fried french toast style. Alright everyone, spill your guts.

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  1. grilled cheese has been discussed alot on this board. You might want to use the search function (for "grilled cheese")

    here are 3 threads

    1. I prefer the classic, but if I want to go a step up I use cheddar or gruyere, and add Dijon and a little chopped fresh herbs to the softened butter.

      1. I add tomato, avacado and cilantro usually sub american chz with pepperjack:)

        1. My favorite - which led to a direct gain of 5 pounds over a two week period - pain de mie, brushed with generous amounts of olive oil - heat up a small skillet brushed with olive oil - put one piece of bread olive oiled sized down, add generous amount of high quality coarsely grated gruyere and fontina, put other piece of bread on top, top with cast iron skillet. Flip when bottom bread is golden brown, sprinkle that side with fine sea salt, and remove when second slice of bread is golden brown. Slice in two - on the diagonal, and eat.

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            I do the same as MMRuth except I use butter, and I don't butter the bread first - just melt a little in pan, then melt a little more with the flip. And if I'm using salted butter I won't usually add any more.

          2. When I was in Rio de Janeiro at the beach this past summer, there was a guy on the beach literally grilling cheese on a stick with a small charcoal grill that he could carry around.
            You could have it with or without herbs spread over it. Now, that's grilled cheese.

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              you can do that with some firmer cheeses that never fully melt, like halloumi cheese. it's awesome.

              1. re: piccola

                I do that with halloumi. I love having a little lemon flavored olive oil drizzled over it and some crushed red peper flakes.